Jhiram case: Big blow to NIA from Supreme Court, refusal to stop investigation of Chhattisgarh Police


Jhiram case: Big blow to NIA from Supreme Court, refusal to stop investigation of Chhattisgarh Police

Raipur. NIA has received a big blow from the Supreme Court on the investigation of Jheeram case. It is noteworthy that in the year 2013, 32 people including many big Congress leaders of the state had lost their lives in the Naxalite attack in Jheeram Valley of Bastar.

In this case, a new FIR was registered by Chhattisgarh Police in 2020, against which NIA had filed a petition in the Supreme Court. Rejecting the same petition of NIA, today the Supreme Court has said that the case alleging major political conspiracy in the Maoist attack will continue.

Supreme Court said- We will not interfere in the matter

It is noteworthy that in 2013, 32 people were killed in the Maoist attack in Jheeram Valley of Sukma, including many Congress leaders. The Supreme Court was hearing a petition filed against the state government’s order to conduct an investigation by the state police despite the case being investigated by the NIA.

What happened in Jheeram Valley

It is noteworthy that on 25 May 2013, a major Naxalite attack was carried out in Jheeram Valley of Bastar. In this attack, a total of 32 people including many prominent leaders of Chhattisgarh Congress were brutally murdered. This incident shook the entire country. Jheeram Valley incident is like a never-healing wound for Chhattisgarh. Even after 10 years, the mystery of this murder remains unsolved. We have not yet been able to reach the culprits of the Jhiram incident. Congress has started celebrating this day as Jheeram Valley Martyrdom Day since last year. However, many mysteries of this massacre are still unsolved and it is not known how long the victims of Jheeram Valley will get justice.

Top leadership of Congress was finished

Assembly elections were to be held in Chhattisgarh at the end of 2013. BJP was in government for the last two times. Congress, which had been away from power for 10 years, wanted to exert full force. Congress had announced to take out Parivartan Yatra in the entire state. Parivartan Yatra was organized in Sukma district on 25 May 2013. After the program, the convoy of Congress leaders was going from Sukma to Jagdalpur. There were around 200 people in 25 vehicles, almost all the top leaders of Chhattisgarh Congress including Congress leaders Kawasi Lakhma, Nandkumar Patel, Dinesh Patel, Mahendra Karma, Malkit Singh Gaidu and Uday Mudaliar were included in the convoy.

32 people were murdered in this way

As soon as the convoy passed through Jheeram Valley at 4 pm, Naxalites blocked the way by felling trees. Before anyone could understand anything, more than 200 Naxalites hiding behind the trees started firing indiscriminately. The bullets continued for about one and a half hours. After this the Naxalites checked each vehicle. Those who were still breathing were shot again. Live people taken hostage. More than 32 people died in the attack. It is said that the main target of Naxalites was Bastar Tiger Mahendra Karma. This can be gauged from the fact that the Naxalites had shot about 100 bullets at Karma and had completely dismembered his body with a knife. It is said that the Naxalites even danced on his dead body.

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