CG News: For the first time in Railways, order to cancel 80 trains, after the commotion, 50 trains were restored…30 trains will remain cancelled.


CG News: For the first time in Railways, order to cancel 80 trains, after the commotion, 50 trains were restored…30 trains will remain cancelled.

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  • Third line work will run from November 25 to December 4 at Chandia Road station of Bilaspur division.
  • Railways canceled major trains including Garib Rath, Narmada Express, Shalimar and Ajmer-Durg Express.
  • After the festival is over, the track work will start now, 30 trains will be canceled due to the work on the third line.

Raipur. After the end of the festive season, the process of cancellation of trains has started once again in the Railways. For the first time, South East Central Railway issued an order for cancellation of 80 trains simultaneously on Saturday. On Friday, the Railways issued an order to cancel 80 trains in Rajnandgaon-Kanhan and Chandia Road stations of Bilaspur division citing track work, but this order of the Railways created panic among the passengers. Anticipating protests, the Railways hastily restored about 50 trains and canceled 30 trains within 40 minutes.

30 trains were canceled in Chandia Road of Bilaspur division from 25th November to 4th December, due to which major trains going from Raipur to Chirmiri, Rewa, Bhopal, Indore, Ajmer including Barauni and Lucknow will remain cancelled. had informed about the cancellation of trains even before the festival. Till January, trains will remain canceled due to continuous track work in North and Western Railways including South East Central Railway. According to the information, before December 4, Railways will again cancel 48 trains.

Work is still incomplete in zones and divisions Railway officials of the zone. Discussed about the pending and upcoming works of the tracks, on which the Railway officials clearly said that the work is going on in various zones. Work is still incomplete in many zones and divisions, which will be completed in November, December and January. Let us tell you that apart from Chakradharpur Railway Division and Katni, work is incomplete in Bilaspur Division also. According to sources, proposals for tracks and modernization of other works from the zone had been made and given to the Railways, all those works have been approved. Now the zone can work anytime as per its convenience by canceling the train.

slow progress

The work of tracks and modernization in Railways is going on at a slow pace. Because of this, Railways has to cancel trains again and again for some work. Railways is not able to complete the work in the stipulated time. Railway officials say that now they are giving information about the cancellation of trains to the passengers a week before the journey, so that they do not face any problem in buying tickets for another train, but due to continuous cancellation of trains, now every passenger makes reservation in advance. Are avoiding getting it done.

Travelers returning from Chhath will face problems

Saying the work of railway tracks, Shalimar Express, Durg-Ajmer including Santragachi and Bhopal Express and Narmada Express have been cancelled. Due to cancellation of these trains, passengers who had gone to other states for Chhath Puja will face difficulty in returning. Due to cancellation of three important trains on Bhopal route, the pressure of passengers on Amarkantak Express will increase. Due to cancellation of 30 trains, 700 to 800 passengers from each train will take refund from the Railways. The zone will give refund of tickets to about 4 lakh passengers.

canceled trains

1) 08269 Chirmiri-Chandiya Road Passenger Special will remain canceled from 25th November to 04th December.

2)From 25th November to 04th December 08270 Chandia Road – Chirmiri Passenger Special will remain cancelled.

3) From 23rd November to 04th December, 18234 Bilaspur-Indore Narmada Express will remain cancelled.

4) From 24th November to 05th December, 18233 Indore-Bilaspur Narmada Express will remain cancelled.

5) From 22nd November to 04th December, 18236 Bilaspur- Bhopal Express will remain cancelled.

6) From 24th November to 06th December, 18235 Bhopal-Bilaspur Express will remain cancelled.

7) On 25 November and 02 December, 20971 Udaipur-Shalimar Express will remain cancelled.

8) 20972 Shalimar- Udaipur Express will remain canceled on 26 November and 03 December 2023.

9) 20828 Santragachi-Jabalpur Express from Santragachi will remain canceled on 29th November.

10) 30 November 20827 Jabalpur-Santragachi Express will remain cancelled.

11) On 25th November and 02nd December, 22830 Shalimar-Bhuj Express will remain cancelled.

12) On 28 November and 05 December, 22829 Bhuj – Shalimar Express will remain cancelled.

13) From 24th November to 04th December, 11265 Jabalpur – Ambikapur Express will remain cancelled. 14) From 25th November to 05th December, 11266 Ambikapur- Jabalpur Express will remain cancelled.

15) From 23 November to 04 December, 18247 Bilaspur – Rewa Express will remain cancelled.

16) From 24th November to 05th December, 18248 Rewa-Bilaspur Express will remain cancelled. 17) On 26th November and 03rd December, 18213 Durg-Ajmer Express will remain cancelled.

18) On 27th November and 04th December, 18214 Ajmer – Durg Express will remain cancelled.

19) On 30th November and 07th December, 18205 Durg-Nautanwa Express will remain cancelled.

20) 02 December and 09 December 18206 Nautanwa-Durg Express will remain cancelled.

21) 27 November, 01 and 04 December 12535 Lucknow-Raipur Garib Rath Express will remain cancelled.

22) 28 November, 02 and 05 December 12536 Raipur – Lucknow Garib Rath Express will remain cancelled.

23) Train number 22169 Rani Kamlapati-Santragachhi Express departing from Rani Kamlapati on 29th November will remain cancelled.

24) 22170 Santragachi- Rani Kamlapati Express will remain canceled on 30th November.

25) From 24th November to 04th December, 15231 Barauni-Gondia Express will remain cancelled.

26) From 25th November to 05th December, 15232 Gondia-Barauni Express will remain cancelled.

27) From 24th November to 04th December, 11751 Rewa – Chirmiri Express will remain cancelled. 28) From 25th November to 05th December, 11752 Chirmiri-Rewa Express will remain cancelled.

29) From 24th November to 04th December, 11201 Nagpur-Shahdol Express will remain cancelled.

30) 11202 Shahdol – Nagpur Express will remain canceled from 25 November 2023 to 05 December.

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