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News2News.in Explainer: No money, no coaching… still the flag was raised, read the story of the toppers of the board exam

Divya, Sushant and Ayush, the toppers of the board exams.

Divya, Sushant and Ayush, the toppers of the board exams.

News2News.in Explainer: Today the results of various board exams have been declared in Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal and Gujarat. Today we will talk about those promising people who have set an example by topping the board exams. His success story gives the message that whether it is rich or poor, the basic mantra of success is hard work. News2News.in Explainer is going to tell you the story of some such toppers, listening to which you too will be proud of them.

Jharkhand’s Divya hoisted the flag

Divya, a resident of Jharkhand’s Ramgarh district, has become the science topper in the 12th board examination. There is a gathering of media persons near his house. Divya said that she did not expect that she would top the exam, but her family was sure that she would pass with good marks. He told that my father works as a security guard in a private company and brother works in a namkeen company. Mother is a housewife. The financial condition of the family is not good. We live in a tin shed house. Divya told that she has been able to achieve this success because of the trust of her family and the blessings of her teachers. Divya’s dream is to become a doctor. I will continue to work hard to achieve my goal. When asked how you prepared for the exam, you said that studying for six to seven hours is enough, but revision should also be taken care of. If you go on studying further and forget the previous one, then it will not be beneficial. Whatever you read, you should remember it very well.

Story of Sushant of Uttarakhand

Today, when the results of the Uttarakhand Board came, Sushant’s family members were jubilant after hearing the results. Sushant has secured the highest position in the state merit by scoring 99% percentile in the high school examination of Uttarakhand Board. Sushant’s father Dhruv Prasad Rajvanshi runs a small furniture shop in Chinyalisaund market. Sushant scored 100 out of 100 in maths, while also scored 95+ in other subjects. Sushant says that he used to spend full time at home for studies. He has achieved these marks without any tuition. Sushant wants to become a software engineer in future.

Bus driver’s son increased his honor

Ayush Singh has secured second position in the state in the high school examination of Uttarakhand Board. Ayush’s father is Balam Singh, who is a roadways bus driver. Ayush said that the exam result is the result of his self study. Ayush told the secret of his success to the help from his family. He said that his mother contributed a lot in his preparation. Ayush told that mother used to take care that everything is right while studying. When asked about the plans of further studies, he said that he has not taken any decision regarding the stream at the moment. Ayush said that students should prepare themselves by staying focused. One should not pay attention to things here and there.

mridul first position in mp 10th board merit list

Mridul of Madhya Pradesh has secured the first position in the state in the 10th board examination without coaching. Mridul of Pink Flower School is currently in Lucknow. His mother told that Mridul never went to coaching. He comes from school and sits down to study again. If he could not come, he used to ask his elder brother. Stays away from mobile too. The financial condition of the family is not good. Mridul’s father Yashwant is in charge of the swimming pool at the club, while her mother works as a seamstress.

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