Dengue Cases Increase: Is this mosquito hidden in your fridge too? It can make you a victim of dengue.


Dengue Cases Increase: Is this mosquito hidden in your fridge too? It can make you a victim of dengue.

The risk of dengue may also increase due to these reasons.

The risk of dengue may also increase due to these reasons.

Dengue cases increase: With the arrival of monsoon, the risk of contracting many diseases increases. At present, dengue cases are continuously increasing across the country. Many times, the patient dies due to dengue not being detected on time. Dengue is engulfing everyone from children to the elderly and making them its victims. The number of dengue patients in the hospital is continuously increasing. It may also happen that there are mosquitoes spreading dengue in your fridge, but you do not know. Read below the symptoms and prevention measures of dengue.

Dengue cases are increasing in all states

It is raining heavily in all the states of the country, due to which dengue mosquitoes are breeding in homes. Do you know that there can be a danger of dengue mosquitoes in the refrigerator tray present in our house, let us tell you how dengue mosquitoes breed in homes. What are its symptoms and methods of prevention?

What is dengue and its symptoms

According to health experts, dengue is caused by the bite of mosquito of Aedes species. But during the rainy season, when the sun starts shining brightly and the temperature is at its peak, the risk of dengue also increases. During this time, the patient has to face many problems like high fever, body ache, headache, loss of appetite, which can be symptoms of dengue. If someone has normal fever, he recovers quickly, but if someone has dengue fever, it takes more time to recover. At the same time, after having dengue in some patients, their platelets fall significantly, which proves fatal for the patient.

Are there dengue mosquitoes in your fridge tray?

According to health department experts, dengue mosquitoes always breed in clean water. A little water is enough for it to grow, that is why experts say that there can be dengue mosquitoes in the refrigerator tray kept in the house, but we are not aware of this. If you also want to avoid dengue, then you must clean the refrigerator once a week during the rainy season. Apart from this, do not allow water to collect on the cooler and the roof of the house.

How long can dengue last?

According to experts, dengue larva i.e. egg remains in water for 6 months. If the egg comes in clean water, the risk of dengue increases. Therefore, we should try not to allow water to accumulate in the house and take care of cleanliness.

What to do to avoid dengue disease

1. Wear full-sleeved clothes at home every day.

2. Do not allow water to accumulate on the roof of the house.

3. Keep the water tank clean and covered.

4. Water should not accumulate in the drains, so get it cleaned on time.

5. Get tested for dengue after 3 days of fever.

6. Consuming things that boost immunity and increase platelets is beneficial for health.

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Disclaimer: This news is based on general information. Before implementing these methods and suggestions, definitely consult the concerned expert.

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