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Fierce tornado and strong storm caused devastation in Mississippi, 23 people died, dozens injured

picture of devastation.

picture of devastation.

A big news is coming out from America. Severe tornadoes and severe thunderstorms occurred late Friday night in the southeastern US state of Mississippi. This storm was so strong that 23 people died due to it. Apart from this, dozens of people have been injured. Many people are also being told missing. It is also being told that the number of dead may still increase. Giving information, Mississippi’s Emergency Management Agency said that rescue operations have been going on in Sharkey and Humphreys counties since late Friday night.

Most devastation in Mississippi’s town Rolling Fork

According to media reports, the storm and tornado that hit Mississippi last night caused panic among the people. However, there may be an increase in the death toll in this. The injured have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. The dead have not been identified yet. Governor Tate Reeves tweeted that many people in MS Delta need your prayers and God’s protection tonight. He further said that more ambulances and other emergency services are also being increased for the people affected by the tornadoes and typhoons. Apart from this, relief and rescue work is going on by the rescue team.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency tweeted on Saturday that so far 23 people have been confirmed dead in this storm, while dozens have been injured. The agency said that four people have gone missing due to this devastating storm. Search operation is being conducted to find them.

Power crisis in 1.4 million homes

Explain that due to severe thunderstorms and storms, power has gone out to more than 1.4 million homes and industries. Continuous efforts are being made to provide relief to the people from the problem of electricity. Meteorologists said that such tornadoes are often seen in the southern US during the winter months. Explaining the reason behind this, the Meteorological Department said that warm, moist air rises from the Gulf of Mexico and collides with cold air, due to which destructive storms occur.

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