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US Shooting: Firing incident again in America’s Mexico, 10 people killed, many injured

Shooting incident in Mexico of America.Shooting incident in Mexico of America.

Along with the increasing gun culture in the American country, there has also been an increase in shooting incidents there. Now a new news is coming out in this episode. On Saturday, a gunman opened fire in Baja, Mexico. According to media reports, about 10 people have died in this firing incident and 9 people are said to be seriously injured. Drug smuggling is rampant in a city called Baja. The police was informed about the incident. Police reached the spot and admitted the injured people to the hospital. The police have started looking for the gunman and taking the incident seriously, the investigation is being done.

such incidents happened before

Such incidents have increased a lot in America. Earlier on May 15, the incident of firing had come to the fore. An 18-year-old gunman opened fire in Farmington, New Mexico, killing three people. Additionally, six other people, including two officers, were seriously injured. According to media reports, the gunman was also killed by the police during the encounter. A local policeman and a New Mexico State Policeman were among the policemen who were shot in this firing incident. Both the policemen were admitted to the San Juan Regional Medical Center in the city.

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Earlier on May 7, a similar incident came to notice. America (America) The shooting incident took place at Allen Premium Outlets Mall in Texas. Nine people including children were killed and many were injured in this incident of firing. This information was given to the police, after which they went to the spot and took charge and shot the gunman dead. However, the injured were admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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