Dawood Ibrahim: ‘Brother 1000 percent feet, rumors of death are wrong’, claims Chhota Shakeel, close to the don.


Dawood Ibrahim: ‘Brother 1000 percent feet, rumors of death are wrong’, claims Chhota Shakeel, close to the don.

Dawood Ibrahim.Dawood Ibrahim.

Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim: The police of twelve countries are calling whom. This phrase has been applied to only one person in recent times, that person being underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. For about two days, only one name is in discussion all over the world, that is Dawood Ibrahim. There were reports that Dawood has been admitted to a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. After this, initial suspicions were raised that someone in Pakistan had poisoned him. However, Chhota Shakeel termed the news of Dawood Ibrahim’s close friend Chhota Shakeel poisoning his boss as a baseless rumour.

Chhota Shakeel gave clarification

Chhota Shakeel said that Dawood has neither been poisoned nor admitted to the hospital. Dawood Bhai is 1000 percent feet. He further said that the news of Dawood’s death is meaningless and baseless. Some senior Mumbai Police officials have also not confirmed the reports that Dawood is dead. During the investigation of many news related to Dawood, it has come to light that Dawood is not only alive but is completely healthy. It is said that he went to a hospital in Pakistan, but only for treatment of chronic diseases.

According to media reports, Dawood has been living under tight security as a guest of Pakistani ISI for a long time. Dawood’s loyalists are providing him security. Along with Dawood’s illness, Pakistani cricket legend Javed Miandad was also kept under house arrest. Javed Miandad is a close associate of the underworld don. Pakistan gave shelter to 1993 Mumbai blasts mastermind Dawood. But Pakistan denied their presence on its soil. While the Indian intelligence agency believes that Shakeel is in the Clifton area of ​​Karachi, Pakistan denies this.

How did Dawood enter the world of crime?

Dawood Ibrahim’s real name is Sheikh Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar. His father Sheikh Ibrahim Ali Kaskar was a constable in Mumbai Police. Due to financial constraints his father made him leave his studies. After this Dawood entered the world of crime. First he worked with the then don Haji Mastan and later separated from him and started working from Dubai. Dawood is said to have a hand in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts.

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