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Sonbhadra: After heavy rains in Sonbhadra, six people including two children were swept away in the drain, bodies of 5 recovered, search for one continues

Police reached the spot after the accident.Police reached the spot after the accident.

A painful news has come out from Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh. Where six people have been swept away in the drain due to heavy rains last Friday. There was torrential rain in the area late Friday evening, due to which the drains were overflowing. Six laborers including two children were washed away in this drain last night, out of which bodies of 5 people have been recovered. While the search for another woman is on. The dead include three people of the same family including mother and daughter. Along with this, another woman is also a part of this family. After getting information about the accident late in the evening, the police had launched a rescue operation with the help of the villagers, but still the lives of the people could not be saved.

what is the whole matter

On Friday evening all 6 people had gone to the forest to collect wood. During this, torrential rain started in the area. Giving information about the case, the police said that this incident is of Gadwan village located in Rampur Barkonia police station. Where six people went to the forest near Baitra Nala on Friday evening to collect wood. Then suddenly in the evening it started raining heavily and hailstorm. To avoid the rain, all the people hid under the cover of a stone in the Pana drain near the village. Only then the water of the heavy rains on the mountains came into the drain with a strong current. Due to this all six people were swept away in this boom.

Search continues for missing woman

When the victims of the accident did not return home even after the rain stopped, the relatives started getting worried. The relatives went to the forest in search of him, but due to darkness, they did not get any success. Panicked villagers informed the police the next day. As soon as the incident was reported, the police administration along with the rescue team reached the spot and conducted a search operation and recovered 5 dead bodies. The ASP said that the search for the missing woman is still going on.

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