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CM Manohar Lal interacted directly with beneficiaries of Auto Appeal Software, said – Revolutionary Change in Government System

Chandigarh. Chief Minister Manohar Lal said Haryana is the first state in the country to introduce Auto Appeal Software (AaS) to ensure time-bound delivery of services to citizens. With the introduction of this system there has been a revolutionary change in the system of government by ensuring transparency and accountability and great relief has come to the common man. Your work has started within the stipulated time frame. The Chief Minister today interacted directly with Auto Appeal Software (AAS) beneficiaries via audio conferencing.

Prime Minister Manohar Lal said people no longer have to go back to the office to get government services. Since the establishment of AAS, the works have been carried out with transparency and on the other hand, due to the assurance of the accountability of the officials, people receive services within the stipulated time frame. He said that on September 1, 2021, the state government launched the automatic appeal system to establish administration’s accountability to the public, ensure the delivery of services to the public, minimize paperwork and reduce litigation. 384 services from 33 departments were integrated into this system. He said that due to the implementation of AAS, if the service is not provided in a timely manner, a redress will automatically be filed on behalf of the citizen with the First Grievance Redressal Authority. If the First Grievance Redressal Authority does not resolve the appeal within 30 business days, the appeal automatically goes to the Second Grievance Redressal Authority. If they also fail to resolve the complaint within 30 business days, the complaint automatically goes to the Right to Service Commission.

654799 objections were filed against this, 610145 objections were settled

The Chief Minister said regular monitoring of auto-appeal software is being conducted by the Right to Service Commission. From September 5, 2021 to March 17, 2023, a total of 654799 complaints were filed under AAS. Of these, 610,145 complaints were dealt with. As of March 17, 5,765 appeals have been filed by the citizens themselves, 538,949 appeals have been filed with the First Grievance Redressal Authority, 114,688 appeals with the Second Grievance Redressal Authority, and 1,155 appeals have been filed with the Auto-Appeal Software Commission. The objection can also be submitted online on the Antyodaya Saral portal or by telephone on the Saral hotline 0172-3968400. It is also pleasing that 5765 appeals were filed by claimants in the system itself.

No delays from officers and staff in providing services

Chief Minister Manohar Lal said the government has also effectively implemented AAS to control delays in the delivery of services by officials and employees. If the service is not provided within the prescribed period, action will be taken against the person who refuses to file. Very few complaints used to go to the Right to Services Commission because the common man was ignorant. If the work is not done on time, the right of complaint of the official and staff concerned goes to the Commission itself. Not only that, now the first and second complainants have become aware of their responsibilities and rights. A penalty was also imposed on the officer concerned due to the delay in the performance of the service by some second appeal officers.

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