SIDHI NEWS: Poster hung around the neck of cows…Why did you write save me?


SIDHI NEWS: Poster hung around the neck of cows…Why did you write save me?

AAP save me poster hung near the cows

AAP save me poster hung near the cows

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siddhi news siddhi. Aam Aadmi Party office bearers today tied posters around the neck of cows and hung them like bells in front of collectorate aap protest. On the other hand, AAP workers staged a sit-in and shouted slogans like save electricity and save me, that is, save the cows. Here the police also talked about taking action in the crime of animal cruelty. After this the workers removed the poster.

cow protection slogan save me

During the sit-in demonstration in front of the Collectorate, AAP workers hung posters around the necks of cows with the words ‘save me’ written in sidhi news. Through this poster, the Aam Aadmi Party has targeted the BJP government. AAP workers said that the condition of mother cow in the state is very bad. Are becoming victims of accidents on the roads. Nothing is being done by the government to protect the cows. Through the save me poster, aap protest gave the message of saving cows and also demanded the government for the protection of cows.

Demonstration regarding 18 point demands

Aam Aadmi Party officials demonstrated at the Collectorate by hanging AAP protest posters of Save Cows and Sidhi News around their necks. Also, demonstrations were held regarding 18 point demands including inflation, electricity etc. Meanwhile, AAP workers raised slogans.

Argument between police and AAP workers

There was a debate between aap protest AAP workers who were protesting in front of the Bhimrao Ambedkar statue in front of the collectorate. sidhi news It is being told that Kotwali police also reached the spot during the demonstration of AAP workers. Where the police objected to the posters of the tied cows hanging around their necks. Police said that such an act comes under the Animal Cruelty Act. This also comes under the category of crime. After a long argument between the police and the AAP workers, the AAP workers removed the posters from the cow’s neck and released them.

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