Jind: Photo is shown on cell phone first, then student is brutally beaten


Jind: Photo is shown on cell phone first, then student is brutally beaten

Jind: At the new bus stop, an ITI student was shown a photo on his mobile phone and asked about him, then three to four youths attacked and violently beat him. The police station Civil Line has opened a case against four unknown youths and initiated investigations on the report of the injured student. The police are looking for the attackers in the case.

Jatin, a resident of Ramkali village, said he is a student at ITI. After being released, he waited at the bus stop for the bus to go home. At the same time, a young man stopped him, showed him the photo and said that this photo belonged to him. The young man grabbed him, led him behind the bus, gestured and called his three friends. At the same time, the youth attacked him, during which he passed out due to the injury. Following Jatin’s complaint, the plainclothes police registered a case against four unidentified youths and launched an investigation. Chandra Singh, investigating officer of the Civil Line Police Station, said that the attacking youths had earlier shown the photo on the phone. Afterwards a fight broke out. Proceedings against unknown young people are currently underway and the facts are being investigated.

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