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MP BJP News: Is Maharaj angry with BJP, distanced himself from the State Working Committee!

MP BJP News:Before the assembly elections to be held in Madhya Pradesh, BJP does not want to lose power at any cost. After the defeat in the Karnataka elections, the state BJP has tightened its gear. In view of the elections, the BJP had called a meeting of the State Working Committee today. This meeting is being considered as important as the assembly elections, but Union Minister Jyotiraditya Singh did not show up for the State Working Committee meeting.

Jyotiraditya Scindia’s absence from the working committee meeting has become a matter of discussion. While the state BJP had ordered all MPs and Rajya Sabha MPs to attend the working committee meeting.

There is news from inside that the government is not happy with the work of most of the MLAs of Maharaj Scindia. BJP can cut the ticket of those MLAs this time. So there Maharaj Scindia wants to get tickets to his supporters. Due to this, the market of discussions is hot in the political corridors that Maharaj has started the politics of pressure to get tickets for his supporters. There is also news that Maharaj Scindia has given the names of about 53 people to give tickets to the high command.

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