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News2News.in Explainer: PM Modi on Japan tour, credibility of G-7 summit will increase, read the reason

PM Modi will attend the G-7 summit in 2023.

PM Modi will attend the G-7 summit in 2023.

News2News.in Explainer:Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Japan is very important. India is among the countries that have not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The main purpose of this agreement is to stop the proliferation and testing of nuclear. Hiroshima is the only city where the world’s first and last nuclear attack took place. Its effect can still be seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What is G-7

G-7 is a group of developed economies of the world. This group includes Germany, France, Japan, USA, Italy, UK and Canada. It is also known as group of seven. These countries call themselves community of values. Freedom of human rights, rule of law, democracy and continuous development in economic prosperity are the main objectives of this group.

G-7 work

A two-day summit of the leaders of the countries of the G-7 group is held every year. In this, along with important global economic issues, important social issues and political security are also talked about. Each year, all its members take turns chairing the group and hosting each summit. In this, leaders representing international organizations and countries are also invited.

Objectives of G-7

Successful earlier G-7 summits addressed important issues such as climate change, HIV/AIDS, energy policy and global security. This time the G-7 conference is going to be held in Japan and this time the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine will also be discussed. Also, there will be an attempt to impose new sanctions against Russia. PM Modi is also going to attend this meeting. However, he will not support any such issue. Along with this, action against China’s aggressive attitude is also going to be discussed. India’s intention is to distance itself from both these matters.

Importance of India in G-7

Now India’s credibility has increased in foreign countries also. This is the biggest reality that G-7 can never ignore India’s opinion. G-7 is a group of influential nations of the world. This is important because when the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is losing its influence. Actually, the relations between America and China and Russia are deteriorating and UNSC is not able to take strong decisions in the present situation. For this reason the G-7 is engaged in building its good reputation.

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