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Sonipat: Woman attacked the police officer and said: “I’m a journalist, I’ll make you a police officer.”

Sonipat: In Sector 27 of the police station, a woman attacked a police officer and said, “I’m a journalist and I’m making you a police officer.” In the attack, the police officer’s uniform was torn and nails were driven in. Another policewoman was also beaten up. Lady Constable Ravita of Sector 27 Police Station registered this statement and instituted proceedings against the woman. The accused was only arrested after the attack and then brought before the court. It is reported that the accused woman is a YouTuber and came to the police station with her underage son, and proceedings have been opened against her and her underage son. In the meantime, the above incident occurred.

Lady Constable Ravita made a complaint to Sector 27 Police Station that on 18 April a case had been registered against the woman and her minor son. Both were called to the police station on Thursday evening to investigate the matter. Meanwhile, the woman and her son were asked to sit in the room for the examination. Hearing this, the woman fled the police station with her son. It was only then that he and his assistant officer, Reena, caught the minor. The woman is said to have attacked both of them. Tore apart Ravita’s uniform and while fighting with both Ravita and Reena, she also hit nails.

According to Ravita, the woman told her at that time that I am a journalist and am now making you a police officer. Ravita claims the woman abused her and also threatened to kill her. Ravita has filed a lawsuit, accusing the woman of assaulting her, tearing up her uniform and obstructing government work. After registering the case, he arrested the accused and brought her before the court. The court released the accused woman on bail. Police are investigating Ashu Rao, head of the Sector 27 station, said a case against a woman was registered based on a policewoman’s complaint. The woman was brought before the court, which is investigating the matter.

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