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Solar street and solar high mast lights can be installed in panchayats on grant, know-how

street lights

street lights

The solar street light project is being implemented by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy on a first come, first served basis. Under this program, prices for lights and solar high-mast lights were contracted by the Director General of Utilities and Waste Management Department of Haryana Government.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Kurukshetra, Akhil Pilani, said that according to the program’s guidelines, the total cost of these solar street lights, solar high-mast lights and 12-watt LED-based solar systems will be covered under the grant awarded by the Department of New and Renewable Energy Gram Panchayats are covered by the Haryana government. The total cost of the street lighting system (with remote monitoring system) is Rs. 14,410, after the total grant amount of Rs. 4,000, the beneficiary has to pay a total of Rs. 10,410. Also a 12 watt LED based solar street light system (without remote monitoring system) at a total cost of Rs 16,500. After a total grant of 4,000 rupees, the beneficiary will receive a total grant of 12,500 rupees and a solar high mast lighting system at a cost of 12,500 rupees total cost of 1,6,000 rupees. After one thousand rupees, the beneficiary has to pay a total of 86,000 rupees.

He said that the interested Gram Panchayat can submit his beneficiary share along with the Panchayat proposal to the Office of the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Department of New and Renewable Energy any business day to install solar street lights in the village against subsidy. It is mandatory to install 10 percent of the total street lights with a remote monitoring system.

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