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Rewari News: Awaiting tenders for drains, if they are not cleaned before the monsoon the problems will increase

Rewari. Dirt has settled in the drain near Sector 1.

Rewari. Dirt has settled in the drain near Sector 1.

Hemant Sharma. Rewari. Since the cleaning hasn’t been done for about eight months, all of the city’s storm drains are littered with dirt. The local council reminds to clean these storm sewers every year before the start of the monsoon. After the end of the monsoon, however, dirt continues to accumulate in the drains.

Since no tender was available this time, cleaning of the drains has not yet started. If the drains are not cleaned in time, the problem of waterlogging in the city will arise again. Even with light rain, the city began to sink. Be it the market or the colonies, once it rains everywhere, waterlogging makes the situation worse. The drain channels are clogged with dirt. Although there is still a month and a half before the monsoon arrives, if the drains are not cleaned in time, the city’s residents will again find themselves in trouble.

The city is flooded with light rain

The cleaning of the sewers built in the city should have been done in May itself, but the month is drawing to a close and the sewers have not been cleaned yet. Every time the city is flooded, the ministries lose their sleep. The city is already flooded from the first light rain, and the main reason is that the drains are not properly cleaned in time. All the drains in the city are full of dirt. The storm drain near Sector 1, the storm drain from Mini Bypass to Sadhushah Nagar, the Delhi Road storm drain, the Auto Market drain, the drain near Rao Tularam Park, the Model Town drain and all the Circular drains The street is full of dirt. Is full

In many places, caps fell into the drains

Where the city’s storm drains are full of dirt, many drains have their caps fallen in at the top. Far from cleaning, the municipal council has not even removed the cover of the drains and taken care of it for a long time. Due to the dirt in the drains and the lids that have fallen off, even the dirty water is not discharged daily.

The outflow of the market will also cause problems

The construction of the drain for the drainage of rainwater in the city’s main market square, started by the city council in 2021 at a cost of about 1.40 crores, is still ongoing. Part of the railroad track of the drain still survives. In the market where the drain was built, no holes were left near the drain to drain the water. Even roads have started to come out of the drain at many points of the spillway. The drainage works are still pending. When it rains, the condition of the market becomes miserable due to waterlogging. Also in the coming days, due to sewer jams in the markets, dirty water will accumulate on the streets.

All drains are cleaned before the monsoon

The tender was used to clean drains. Upon completion of the tender, cleaning of all drains will begin. All drains have been checked. All drains are fully cleaned before the start of the monsoon. Sandeep Kumar, CSI Local Council.

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