Big change in Tihar Jail, 80 officers transferred, reason shocking


Big change in Tihar Jail, 80 officers transferred, reason shocking

Tihar Jail located in Delhi often remains in the headlines. Sometimes gang war is seen here, and sometimes a prisoner commits suicide. In such a situation, serious questions arise on the security of the jail. In this episode, strict steps have been taken by the Tihar Administration. After the murder of Tillu Tajpuria, the jail administration has transferred 80 police officials. This includes 5 Deputy Superintendents, 9 Assistant Superintendents, 8 Head Wardens, 50 Wardens. Earlier too, similar action was taken by the Tihar Jail Administration. On May 11, 99 policemen were transferred, after which the number has increased to 179.

Big questions raised on security of prisoners in Tihar Jail

On Monday, May 22, after being convicted by the court, a prisoner had committed suicide under suspicious circumstances. The person who committed suicide was only 26 years old. The Tihar jail administration had informed that the prisoner was found hanging in the jail bathroom hours after he was convicted by the court in a robbery case.

Tillu Tajpuria was killed on the morning of May 2 by four members of the Jitendra Gogi gang, Deepak alias Teetar, Yogesh alias Tunda, Rajesh and Riyaz Khan. These people attacked Tajpuria about 92 times. According to media reports, the prison personnel were standing as mute spectators. No one made any attempt to stop the accused.

Even before the murder of Tillu Tajpuria, two big murders have taken place. Earlier on 14 April 2023, Prince Tewatia was killed in a gang war inside Tihar Jail. Even after this, very serious questions were raised on the Tihar Jail administration. The police had failed to protect him even in judicial custody.

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After Tillu Tajpuria and Prince Tewatia, let’s talk about Ankit Gurjar. He was also killed on 3 August 2021 in Tihar Jail itself. The matter was also investigated by the CBI. The role of the Deputy Superintendent of Jail in this incident came to the fore suspiciously. The Deputy Superintendent was suspended and arrested. Along with this, many other jail personnel were also fired from their jobs.

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