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Panipat: The couple jumped into the canal with their hands around their necks, saving the man, the woman drowned

Panipat: The interfaith couple, plagued by domestic strife, tried to commit suicide by jumping into the canal with their hands around their necks. A person passing by the canal sounded an alarm after seeing the couple jump, prompting people to gather and pull the youth out. While his wife was swept away by the strong water current. After the police received the information, they were on the scene and began searching for the girl.

Rajbir, a resident of Nagpal colony in Tehsil camp, said his son Mohit had a love marriage with Sachina two years ago. He himself is from Sanatan Dharma while son and bride are from the Muslim community. Both had married of their own free will. Sachina is originally from Rohtak. Who lived in Panipat for a long time. This is where the love story between the two began. A few days after the wedding, there was a fight between the two. Both of them always argued about little things. Both doubted each other. Within two years, Sachina twice attempted suicide, because of which the son and the son drove the bride away. Both now lived in a rented house. However, both had decided to separate from each other.

The woman followed the teachings of her family members. He had demanded 10 lakh rupees in the name of separation. Her son’s daughter-in-law, Sachina, also came to the house on Friday evening. She said that there is no more gas, she will cook food here and stay. There were doubts as to whether he would stop using it, after which the mother-in-law asked him to take the top hat to his room. It didn’t stop with either of them. Because they suspected that they would start a fight again. The woman also called the police. Police also said that when they are separated, he can only go to his room. At around 1 a.m. the father found out by phone that the son and the bride had jumped into the canal. At the same time, the passer-by started making noise as the couple jumped into the canal. When the locals heard the noise, they gathered there. Many knew how to swim. She immediately jumped into the canal and got her husband Mohit out. However, Ms. Sachina was swept away by the strong water current. Here, too, the police have started to search for Sachina with divers.

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