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Kurukshetra: NGT assignments are blown up by coaching centers and institutes, trees are strewn with banners

Flax on the tree.

Flax on the tree.

Kurukshetra News:The government is making various efforts towards environmental protection. The threat of global warming is great around the world. To avoid this, emphasis is placed on planting more and more trees. The government spends large sums on public relations and planting trees every year.

On the other hand, the people of the city are trying to destroy all of this. These trees are used indiscriminately by many businessmen here to put up billboards to promote business. They fearlessly pierce the treetops with nails to put up billboards. It’s surprising that even those responsible don’t seem to mean it. When he sees this something, his eyes are closed. The city of Kurukshetra is awash with flexible banners/billboards. Coaching centers, schools, paying guest houses, pharmacies and foreign agencies compete to put their flexible banners on trees.

The Green Earth organization calls for action

The organization Green Earth, which works to protect the environment, has written a letter to the Deputy Commissioner demanding strict legal action against such institutions by registering an FIR. If no action is taken on this matter, the organization will file a contempt lawsuit against the individual concerned. The executive member of the organization, Dr. Naresh Bhardhaj stated that it is illegal to put banners, billboards, wires, cables and lights etc. on the trees and it is against the orders of the NGT. In 2015, the NGT instructed the Deputy Commissioner to ensure that banners, billboards, wires, cables and lights, etc. are removed from all trees in Kurukshetra district in order to protect the trees. The Green Earth Organization has repeatedly drawn the district administration’s attention to this crime and has demanded necessary measures. Despite this, trees throughout the district are dotted with flexible banners/billboards.

Appeal not to harm the trees

dr Naresh Bhardhaj said that the coaching centers and institutes in the city are openly disobeying the orders of the NGT and the departments concerned are sound asleep. The Green Earth team removed flexible banners/billboards from trees from Tau Devilal Chowk to University Gate No. Member Deepak Mittal said the Green Earth team was part of the “My Life – My Clean City” and “Tree Our Heritage” campaign will remove banners/billboards/wires from trees elsewhere in the city in the coming days. He appealed to everyone not to put banners/billboards/wires and nails on the trees and not to harm the trees. Other members of the team, Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Monika Bhardwaj and Arjun were present.

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