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Delhi: CM Kejriwal’s attack on the ordinance of the Center, said- a dirty joke with the people of Delhi

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

CM Arvind Kejriwal Press Conference: There is fierce political tussle between the Central Government and the Delhi Government. Yesterday i.e. late on Friday, the central government issued an ordinance overturning the decision of the Supreme Court. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has held a press conference regarding this matter this evening. Talking to the media, CM Kejriwal lashed out at the central government. He said that as soon as the Supreme Court was closed, the Central Government overturned the decision of the court by issuing an ordinance. Let us inform that the Supreme Court had given the responsibility of transfer and posting of officers in Delhi to the Delhi government. Since then, a tussle had started between the Delhi Government and the Central Government.

Center played a dirty joke with the people of Delhi – CM Kejriwal

CM Kejriwal said that the day the court gave its verdict in this matter. On the same day BJP had decided to reverse this decision by issuing an ordinance. The BJP people were waiting for the court to close, so that the decision could be changed by issuing an ordinance as soon as the court closed. If the BJP people had brought the ordinance before the Supreme Court closed, the court would not have taken even 5 minutes to ban this ordinance. BJP has played a cruel joke with the people of Delhi and with the democracy. It is clear from this that the Central Government is challenging the Supreme Court that whatever order you bring, if it is against us, we will change it.

BJP will not get even 1 seat in 7 Loksabha seats- CM

Kejriwal said that the BJP people are giving an open challenge to the court that whoever will come to the government other than us, we will not allow them to work. They want to stop us from working. Because BJP does not have the capacity to do the work we are doing. After the promulgation of this ordinance, people from all over the country are calling me and saying that the BJP has not done the right thing. Along with this, the CM said that a big rally is going to happen soon inside Delhi. The people of Delhi will not give even one seat out of 7 Lok Sabha seats to BJP. CM said that we will go door-to-door in Delhi and make people aware against BJP’s ordinance.

BJP hit back at Kejriwal

BJP has hit back after Kejriwal’s press conference. Refuting Kejriwal’s allegations, BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said that if Kejriwal feels that the central government’s ordinance is unconstitutional, then file an application in the Supreme Court, milk will turn into milk and water into water. He said that all the procedures were followed for the ordinance. The ordinance is completely constitutional. It is made keeping in mind the law. Also said that there are many diplomatic centers in Delhi, Supreme Court, Parliament, Rashtrapati Bhavan, what do you want that the Union Territory of Delhi should be given the status of a full state.

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