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Uproar in Ratanpur: Brahmin society opened front, announced to continue the movement till justice is achieved, said- don’t trust the police… there should be a judicial inquiry, the collector accepted the mistake

Sandeep Karihar / Bilaspur. In Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur, the Sarva Brahmin Samaj gheraoed the collectorate on Monday in connection with the rape victim’s mother being sent to jail. During this, a demand was raised to withdraw the FIR. The society organized a fierce agitation against the police administration in the collectorate. The protesters sat on a dharna in the collectorate itself and raised slogans against the police. Also demanded unconditional release of the victim’s mother from jail. The rape victim also participated in this protest. The victim greeted the social people and sat on the dharna. The protesters refused to hand over the memorandum to ADM RA Kurvanshi and insisted on handing over the memorandum to IG, Collector and SP. The office bearers of the society said that after the ruckus, a line has been attached to TI to hush up the matter. At the same time, a conspiracy is going on to cool down the serious case by forming an inquiry committee. He said that he does not trust the police investigation. There is not a single woman officer in the inquiry committee. In such a situation, there should be a judicial inquiry into the whole incident. Meanwhile, Collector Saurabh Kumar has accepted the mistake of the police in the case and has assured justice to the victim after investigation.

In fact, today the people of all Brahmin community gathered at Nehru Chowk and took out a rally and reached the collectorate. There was a lot of sloganeering while creating ruckus here. The people of the society who had come to lay siege to the Collectorate kept creating ruckus by sitting on a dharna in the premises itself. When the office bearers of the society reached there, Collector Saurabh Kumar was out of his office. The people of the society remained adamant on meeting the collector. Therefore, Collector Saurabh Kumar reached his office. The office bearers of the society informed him about the entire case and demanded that the case registered against the victim’s mother be quashed. The office bearers of the society said that Collector Saurabh Kumar has shown seriousness in the matter and pointed out the mistake of the police. He said that he himself is looking into the matter and very soon efforts will be made to get justice to the woman. Watch the video-

IPS officer should also be in the inquiry committee

The office bearers of the society have demanded a fair and judicial inquiry into the entire incident. He said that the woman has been accused and in the committee formed by the police to investigate, the woman police officer has not been included. There is also a question on the inquiry committee that all the officers in the committee are of DSP rank, who cannot investigate against TI. There should have been an IPS officer in the committee. When this case came up for the first time, it should have been probed meticulously. Before registering serious cases like Paxo Act, the police have taken action in a planned and conspiratorial manner. In such a situation, even the police committee is not trusted and there should be a judicial inquiry into the matter.

The movement will continue till justice is done

The protesters said that Collector Saurabh Kumar has assured them of a fair investigation in the matter and justice to the victim. He has also indicated to see the result within 48 hours. But, the people of the society say that till the victim does not get justice, their agitation and demonstration will continue. Watch the video-

Police played in a planned manner

On the other hand, Mahesh Dubey, a Congress leader and associated with the Brahmin community, expressed concern and said that in this case, the police have played a game in a planned and strange way. After the call of the strong leader of BJP, the police registered a case of Paxo Act faster than preventive action like 151. In this case, the councilors of Nagar Panchayat have given character certificate by writing to the police administration. Action should also be taken against them. Because, if there is politics in such a serious matter, then what will happen.

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