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Civic Action Program: Police listened to the problems of the villagers, distributed sports and daily useful materials

Biplav Mallick / Kirandul. Kirandul police of Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh listened to the problems of the villagers by setting up a Jan Choupal and civic action in village Byampal. Also, the problems were solved on the spot. Under Jan Choupal and Civic Action, the police station staff distributed sports material and daily useful material to the villagers of Byampal village. On the other hand, Station House Officer Kirandul Inspector Jitendra Tamarkar has given information about the currently happening women related crimes, banking fraud, cyber crimes, online fraud, crimes through social media and rules of safe traffic to avoid road accidents. Gave advice and ways to avoid it. At the same time, for safe traffic, the villagers were informed to avoid over speed while driving, not to drive in a state of intoxication and to take advantage of various schemes of the government.

admonished to abstain from crime

Similarly, advice was given to stay away from crimes, maintain peace and order in the area, follow the law and immediately inform the police and administration about suspicious persons coming from outside and their activities in the village. On this occasion, the village priest, Gaita, Patel, Kotwar and village headman and senior citizens were honored by the station in-charge. On the other hand, the police has appealed to the common citizens and villagers that if any anti-social activities/criminal activities are reflected in the village, they should immediately inform the police and do not take law and order in their own hands under the guise of anyone. Advice was given to contact the mobile number 07857-255430 and the station in-charge’s official number 94791-94315.

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