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Cholesterol: Because of these mistakes, cholesterol starts accumulating in the veins.

Bad cholesterol increases in the body due to these reasons

Bad cholesterol increases in the body due to these reasons

Cholesterol: Due to wrong eating habits in today’s busy lifestyle, many people have to face the problem of cholesterol. Cholesterol is a wax-like substance present in our body. Generally, two types of cholesterol are found in our body. Which are known as good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol helps in reducing the fat accumulation in the blood in our body and keeps our arteries clean so that blood can flow easily and properly to the heart. At the same time, bad cholesterol is considered very dangerous for health.

When the level of bad cholesterol starts increasing in the body, then it starts accumulating in the arteries. Because of which there is obstruction in the flow of blood going to the heart and the risk of heart attack and stroke increases manifold. Often people make many efforts to reduce the bad cholesterol level. But, even then its level is not reduced. Many reasons are hidden behind this, about which it is very important for you to know. So let’s know about those reasons (Reasons due to bad cholesterol)…

Reducing dietary fat- Lowering the cholesterol level in the body means reducing the bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol. Sometimes patients with high cholesterol completely reduce dietary fiber from their diet. Because of this, the amount of bad cholesterol starts increasing in the body. To normalize or reduce the level of cholesterol, it is very important that you should minimize the consumption of things with trans fat or if possible, do not do it. Consume the fat present in walnuts and almonds regularly. They increase the good cholesterol in the body.

Don’t eat medicine Medicines also play a very important role in reducing the cholesterol level. In such a situation, medicines are very important for your health. That’s why you should take cholesterol medicines regularly. By taking medicines at the right time, the level of cholesterol in the body will remain normal. Along with this, there are many other things that people should take care of.

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Diet plan- To reduce cholesterol in the body, make a proper diet plan and follow it daily. It is often seen in many people that they keep changing diet plans very often. To manage cholesterol, it is important that you follow the same diet plan. Along with this, you should include healthy fat, vegetables, whole grains, nuts in your diet plan.

Quitting smoking and alcohol- If you are a patient of high cholesterol and still consuming alcohol and smoking (Smoking) daily, then instead of reducing your cholesterol level, it will start increasing even more. If you think that only by taking medicines, cholesterol will automatically come under control, then it is absolutely wrong. To reduce or bring cholesterol under control, you have to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes.

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