Skin Care: Some habits can cause acne and breakouts, improve them soon


Skin Care: Some habits can cause acne and breakouts, improve them soon

Some habits can cause acne and breakouts

Some habits can cause acne and breakouts

Bad Habits For Skin: facesWe all take many measures to take care of our skin, but despite this, skin problems like acne and breakouts still occur. There are some bad habits behind this. Actually, unknowingly we make some mistakes with our skin, which leads to skin problems. Many times it happens that we are not even aware of those bad habits. For this reason it is important that we improve these habits. Let us tell you about those bad habits which are harmful for skin care.

Sleeping without removing makeup

Whenever women go out of the house, they definitely apply makeup. Not only this, even if they do not have to go out of the house, most women still apply makeup. There is nothing wrong in this, but the wrong thing is to sleep without washing off the makeup. Sleeping without removing makeup leaves makeup on the face, which clogs the skin pores. This causes problems of acne and pimples. Therefore, one should always clean makeup before sleeping at night.

repeatedly touching the face with hands

Our hands touch many places, due to which dirt and germs get stuck on our hands. Then knowingly or unknowingly they keep touching their faces without washing their hands. Doing this can be harmful for the skin. This can cause skin problems like acne. For this reason one should not touch the face again and again. If necessary, always touch your face after washing your hands.

Do not touch pimples once they appear.

If any pimple appears on the face, do not try to pop it. Because doing so may leave a mark on that pimple or may lead to more pimples. Apart from this, the second problem is that popping a pimple can also cause infection. Therefore, if a pimple ever occurs, do not pop it even by mistake or touch it again and again.

talking with the phone close to your face

While talking on the phone, we keep the phone screen very close to our face. Due to this, the dirt and germs on the phone screen get applied to the face. Because of this the problem of acne may increase. Therefore, do not let the phone touch your face. To avoid doing this, you can use earphones or put the call on speaker.

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