Skin Care: Make this face pack to get natural glowing skin, see method


Skin Care: Make this face pack to get natural glowing skin, see method

Complete process of making face pack.

Complete process of making face pack.

Best Honey And Multani Mitti Homemade Face Pack:In the summer season, we have to take extra care of our skin. The direct effect of the change in the weather is visible on our skin. In such a situation, if you do not take extra skin care, then you may have to face many skin related problems like pimples, acne and scars. The most common problem in summer is that the skin looks dry and lifeless. To avoid this problem, you use many expensive products. Although, they do not have any special benefit, but if we tell you that you can use cheap home remedies. In this way, your face will start glowing in minutes. For this home remedy, you will only need honey and Multani Mitti (Skin Care Tips).

Know how beneficial honey and Multani Mitti are for your skin: –

Method to make face pack: To make a home face pack of honey and multani mitti, first you have to take one spoon of multani mitti powder. After this, add one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of rose water to Multani Mitti and mix it well to make a thick paste. After this apply this pack on the face and let it dry thoroughly. When this face pack dries, wash your face with plain water.

Why beneficial in skin care: Explain that honey has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. At the same time, minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium are found in abundance in Multani Mitti. This is the reason why honey and Multani Mitti prove to be beneficial for the skin in many ways.

– Coolness reaches the skin: A face pack made of honey and multani mitti provides coolness to the skin during the summer season. By applying this, you get relief from problems like tanning and redness in the skin.

Natural glow comes in the skin: Mixing honey and Multani Mitti and applying it on the face in the summer season improves the skin. Both these things play a very important role in making your lifeless skin glowing. Along with this, the blackness in the skin due to sunlight can also be removed.

– Get rid of stains: The problem of spots and acne on the face increases in summer. A face pack of honey and multani mitti also proves helpful in getting rid of such problems. This face pack is rich in anti-bacterial properties, which helps in making the skin spotless.

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