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Not only the benefits of applying sunscreen… there are many disadvantages, see here

Disadvantages of applying sunscreen.

Disadvantages of applying sunscreen.

Know Side Effects Of Sun Screen: We all are advised to use sunscreen to avoid strong sunlight in every season whether it is winter or summer. With the help of sunscreen, our skin is protected from damage and is also protected from UV rays. Along with this, sunscreen also protects our skin from problems like sunburn and wrinkles. Till now we have talked about the benefits of sunscreen. But do you know that if sunscreen is used excessively or incorrectly, it can also cause problems like allergies, rashes, irritation, itching on the skin. Come, today we will tell you what problems you may have to face due to the wrong use of sunscreen.

Problems caused by excessive use of sunscreen

acne and pimples problem

If you are using excessive amount of sunscreen, then it can cause you pimples. In such a situation, it is important that you choose sunscreen according to your skin type and avoid using it excessively.

prone to allergies

Some such chemicals are found in sunscreen, which can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Because of this, problems like burning, swelling, rash, rash and itching can start on your skin. Sometimes it also causes severe allergies.

There may be irritation in the eyes

As we all know, eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body. This is the reason why they get jealous when they come in contact with harsh chemicals. In such a situation, many times the eyes start turning red after applying sunscreen.

pus at the root of the hair

Many times after applying sunscreen, strange pain starts to be felt in the hairy area of ​​the skin. Explain that this pain is due to filling of pus in the hair follicles. If this happens, you should immediately get a checkup done by the doctor.

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