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If you also tie your hair with a towel, be careful, otherwise you will have to face this huge loss.

Damage caused by wrapping towel on hair.

Damage caused by wrapping towel on hair.

Tips To Prevent Hair Fall: Baldness, hair fall, rough hair, dandruff are common problems found in today’s time. Every person is struggling with these problems, be it women or men. To get rid of these problems, many types of hair products are used. We all know that women are very fond of having long hair, so they need to take special care of their hair. Many times you must have seen in your own house or neighborhood that women tie a towel around their head after washing their hair. If you ask this question to any woman, why do you do this, then you will get a straight answer that the hair dries quickly, that’s why she does this. Although experts always refuse to do so.

Experts believe that by wrapping a towel on wet hair, you may have to face many types of losses. Instead of tying a towel on wet hair, it is better if women or girls dry the hair with the help of a hair dryer. Using a hair dryer will give many benefits to the hair, such as it will dry the hair quickly and your scalp will also remain healthy. Hair should be taken special care while using hair dryer and shampoo should be used in hair only 2-3 times a week.

5 disadvantages of wrapping hair after hair wash

Hair drying:Repeatedly rubbing the towel on the head after bath has a bad effect on the hair, due to which your hair can become dry forever. Along with this, by tying a towel on wet hair, the natural oil of the hair ends. Due to this the hair becomes rough.

fungal infection: Wrapping the towel after hair wash increases the risk of fungal infection on the scalp. Because of this, the hair gets deeply damaged. If there is a problem like hair fall, then towels should not be wrapped in wet hair even by mistake. Doing so can increase trouble for them.

thinning of hair: Wrapping a towel on wet hair makes your hair weak and can also break. In such a situation, many hairs break from the root, while many hairs are also healthy, which get entangled in the threads of the towel and break in half. Tightly tying a towel on wet hair can weaken the hair roots.

hair lossWrapping a towel on wet hair can lead to hair fall as it stretches the hair. By doing this, the roots of the hair start getting weak and the natural shining of the hair goes away.

split ends problem: If you often wrap a towel in your hair after bath, it makes your hair weak. Due to this you have to go through the problem of split ends.

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