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Bengaluru: During bag checking, condoms, contraceptive pills and… teachers-parents were surprised to find out from the bags of the students.

Bangalore (Bangalore) Such shocking acts of students have come to the fore in the schools, seeing which the teachers and the parents of the children have been shocked. After hearing this news, the ground slipped under everyone’s feet. In fact, some students in schools (Students) There was a possibility of carrying a mobile phone. Due to which when their bags were checked, such things came out from the bags of students of 8th, 9th and 10th, which surprised everyone.

According to some reports, apart from mobiles, condoms, lighters, cigarettes, contraceptive pills, whiteners and huge amount of cash were found in the bags of many students. In fact, after complaints about bringing mobile phones to class, some schools started checking students’ bags. These tests in schools were directed by the Associated Management of Primary and Secondary Schools (KAMS) in Karnataka. However, the result that came out after this was surprising.

After this incident, many schools organized special parent-teacher meetings. The principal of a school in Nagarbhavi said that the parents of the children were also very surprised to see all this. They also told us about sudden behavior in children. Schools issued notices to the parents of the children to handle the situation carefully.

At the same time, instead of suspending the students, it was recommended to get their counseling done. The principal of another school said that a condom was found in the bag of a Class 10 student. He further said that when the student was questioned about this, she blamed her classmates or those in private tuition.

Talking about this, KAMS general secretary D Shashi Kumar said that back checking was done in 80 percent of the schools. Out of which I-pill was also found in the bag of one of the students. Also liquor was found in water bottles. However, counseling for these children has now been recommended in schools.

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