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Travel Ideas: If you are interested in history, then visit these places of Maharashtra, the perfect trip for history lovers

Are you also (Looking for places to visit? If yes, then this news can prove to be very important for you. If you are more interested in knowing historical things, then can prove to be the perfect place for you. Actually there are many wonderful historical places in (Historic Places) which depict the glorious rule of the Maratha Empire under the 17th century Chhatrapati Shivaji. Along with the grandeur of these forts, the things that make them attractive even today are beautiful sightseeing places situated amidst pristine nature. Since Maharashtra is full of nature, it is a great option to visit these tourist attractions. In this news we are going to tell about the beautiful forts around Maharashtra (Forts To Visit In Maharashtra) where you would like to visit () can go.

1. Raigarh

This fort is known as ‘The Gibraltar of the East’, it is situated on the Sahyadri ranges and is at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level. Let us tell that this fort used to be the capital of the Maratha Empire, this fort can be reached only after a difficult climb of three hours. However, now ropeway facility has been made available to promote tourism here.

2. Sinhagadi

Sinhagadi also known as Kondana Fort, this place played an important role in the Maratha Mughal War of 1671. In this battle of Sinhagad, the brave soldier of the Marathas, Tanhaji Malusare, who was known as ‘Sher’ had to pay the price of his life. This is the reason why it was named as Sinhagadi, this fort located in Pune is just a few hours away from Mumbai.

3. Shivneri

This fort is located near Junnar in Pune district at a distance of about 95 km from the main city. It is the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, this fort was built by Shahji Maharaj, father of Shivaji Maharaj. It was built to keep his pregnant wife and unborn son safe from the surrounding calamities.

4. Pratapgarhi

It is located at Mahabaleshwar in the Satara district of Maharashtra, it is famous for the event that took place between Shivaji Maharaj and Afzal Khan that led to the Maratha victory over the Bijapur army. It is a grand, huge fort with great historical importance, built by Shivaji Maharaj, this fort also gives its visitors a beautiful view of the Konkan coast. Because this place is close to Mahabaleshwar, so do not forget to visit the hill station.

5. Daulatabad

This place is different from the rest as it has nothing to do with the Maratha Empire. Located near Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, this historical citadel was for some time the capital of the Delhi Sultanate. It is a fort built by the Yadava dynasty in 1187 and accessed by Mohammad Tughlaq to the Delhi throne. The fort is about 200 meters above sea level and is known for its beautiful architecture.

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