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Weather Update: There is a possibility of rain again in the northern states including Haryana from tomorrow, there will be relief from the sultry heat, know the weather condition

weather information

weather information

For the last two days, parts of Haryana and NCR Delhi are witnessing partly cloudy weather. Along with this, the weather has been clear at most places due to which the temperature has increased again. In the central and northern districts of Haryana, the common people are troubled by the sweat and sultry heat, while the winds are blowing at a high speed in the southern parts only. For the coming four days, there is a possibility of light to moderate rain in most of the states including Haryana and NCR Delhi.

Dr. Chandramohan, Nodal Officer of Environment Club of Government College, Narnaul (Haryana), said that there is continuous movement of moist winds from the Bay of Bengal in Haryana and NCR Delhi and due to no effective weather system, only cloudy and scattered light rain. is being seen. Whereas in the present scenario, the Turf line remains south with low pressure areas forming on both the sides, due to which light rain is occurring over Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and . But from tomorrow, the turf line is going to turn north, due to which the entire plains states of the country especially Punjab, , Haryana, NCR Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and northern hill areas will see monsoon rains once again. During August 13 to 16, it may once again occur in most places in Haryana and NCR Delhi. First, rain will be seen in the southern parts of Haryana and NCR Delhi, then in the western and central districts and gradually over the entire area. Due to which the temperature will drop and the common man will get relief from the humid and sweaty heat.

Today on Friday, a deep low pressure area lies over the entire country, now over Northeast Arabian Sea and adjoining parts of Gujarat and South Pakistan. The associated cyclonic circulation extends up to 7.6 km above mean sea level. It will move in a west-northwest direction and it is very likely to become a strong weather system into a depression by the evening of August 12. Simultaneously, the Monsoon Trough (Low Pressure Area) is moving towards Dausa, Guna, Satna, Daltonganj, Balasore and then southeastwards towards North Bay of Bengal. The East West Shear Zone is operating at about 23 degree north. Apart from this, an offshore trough is extending from Low Pressure Area over Northeast Arabian Sea to North Kerala Coast. The cyclonic circulation lies 1.5 to 7.6 km above mean sea level in and over Gangetic . A low pressure area is very likely to form over North Bay of Bengal around August 13. It may become well marked in the next 24 hours and will move in a West North-West direction. Also, the Monsoon Turf line is going to be north, due to which monsoon activities will be seen over the entire plains states.

On Friday, there was a partial effect of the weather system over , due to which scattered rain was recorded at some places in Haryana and NCR Delhi. Today, the southern parts of Haryana witnessed light drizzle around Kosli, Kanina, Charkhi Dadri and Bhiwani while rest of Haryana remained without rain. Tonight also, there may be light scattered rain over southern parts of Haryana. Today Haryana and NCR Delhi recorded maximum temperature of 33.0 to 38.0 degree Celsius while minimum temperature was recorded at 24.0 to 28.0 degree Celsius.

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