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Rajasthan: Minister Ramesh Meena removed the District Collector from the program! Now politics heats up

The video of ’s Panchayati Raj Minister Ramesh Chandra Meena’s alleged expulsion of Bikaner collector from the program is going on social media.

The video of ’s Panchayati Raj Minister Ramesh Chandra Meena’s alleged expulsion of Bikaner collector from the program is going on social media.

’s Panchayat Raj Minister Ramesh Meena allegedly threw out Bikaner’s district collector at a function organized in Jhunjhunu. It is being told that the collector also left the program immediately. The video of this entire incident is going viral on social media. It can be seen in the video that the collector of Bikaner is seen working on the phone and Minister Ramesh Meena gets angry on this. They tell the collector to leave from here. After this the collector gets up from the sofa and goes out. Politics has heated up after his departure.

According to media reports, this program was interacting with the women taking benefits under Rajivika Yojana. About 200 women had come to Ravindra Theater. Minister Meena was telling about the schemes to the women on this scheme. When the minister looked back, the District Collector was seen busy on the phone. After this, Minister Ramesh Meena got angry and immediately allegedly threw the collector out.

Later speaking to reporters, Ramesh Meena said that the collector was working on the phone. When the collector itself is not listening to the minister, then how will he listen to the general public and how will their complaints be resolved. He said that after talking to the Chief Minister about this incident, he will demand action against the Collector.

BJP attacked Congress

BJP leader Rajendra Rathore wrote in a tweet, ‘Administrative officers are being forced to grind in the mill of factionalism of Congress. Earlier, the internal discord in the ruling party in the state was well known and now due to the attitude of the egoistic ministers who are full of power, infighting has started with the bureaucrats as well.

IAS Association also objected

The IAS Association has also written a letter to Chief Minister Ashok Galhot complaining about his minister Ramesh Chandra Meena regarding this matter. The association alleges that Ramesh Chandra has been dealing with the officers in the past as well. Association’s secretary Dr. Samit Sharma wrote in the letter that despite holding high positions, public representatives are making such inappropriate comments. Panchayati Raj Minister Ramesh Meena also made derogatory remarks for the collector. The collector was discharging his duty during the programme. In the letter, CM Ashok Gehlot has been urged to take appropriate action in this matter.

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