Congress took this step to help Dalits in Rajasthan, Kharge met Harshadhipati in the hospital.


Congress took this step to help Dalits in Rajasthan, Kharge met Harshadhipati in the hospital.

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge.

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge.

Rajasthan Election: Heavy campaigning by all political parties continues for the Rajasthan Assembly elections. During this time, leaders of all parties are making fierce allegations against each other. In this series, today Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge addressed an election rally in Rajasthan. He took a fierce dig at BJP. Kharge said that BJP has neither intention nor policy. After a lot of efforts, Modi ji and BJP thought it better to copy our original guarantee and have made an unsuccessful attempt to hastily serve the agenda before the elections. Meanwhile, Kharge has made a big move to woo the Dalits in Rajasthan.

‘Will also fulfill 7 guarantees on ground’

He said that the people of Rajasthan know that Congress has worked and we will also fulfill our 7 guarantees on the ground. Congress has given concrete programs for public welfare in the form of guarantees in Rajasthan and other states. He said that today I had gone with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to meet Harshadhipati Valmiki. Harshadhipati Valmiki was beaten so much by BJP leader Girraj Malinga that he is in the hospital today.

Kharge meets Harshadhipati in the hospital

Harshadhipati has been in Valmiki Hospital for the last one year and Gehlot ji helped a lot in his treatment. When we went to meet, Harshadhipati’s father and sister said that if CM Gehlot had not helped, he would not have been alive today. Kharge said that we canceled the ticket of Girraj Malinga who had brought the Dalit youth to this condition. PM Modi, who calls himself the messiah of the poor, gave the ticket to Girraj Malinga. On one hand PM Modi talks about the poor and Dalits and on the other hand he gives tickets to those who commit atrocities on the poor and Dalits, beat up the poor and take tickets from BJP.

This is the whole matter

Let us tell you that Harshadhipati was allegedly beaten brutally by Bari MLA Girraj Singh Malinga and his supporters in Dholpur last year. After this, a case was registered by the police against Malinga and others in March last year. However, the accused later surrendered before the Police Commissioner in Jaipur and were arrested. Now Bharatiya Janata Party has given ticket to Congress MLA Malinga in this assembly elections. Valmiki cannot walk right now. After meeting him, Kharge and Gehlot targeted BJP for giving ticket to Malinga.

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