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Son felt insulted by father’s slap, committed suicide, real daughter filed FIR in police station

father slapped son in punjab

father slapped son in punjab

One can understand from this news how much self-respect matters to someone. In Punjab’s Ludhiana, a father slapped his son for breaking the music system. The father slapped in front of everyone, then after that the son committed after feeling insulted. This whole matter is being told of village Bhorla of Machhiwada in district Ludhiana of Punjab. sent son Jaggi’s body for postmortem and registered a case against the father.

Father Harnek Singh had brought a music system to his home in Borla village of Machhiwada, Ludhiana district. Which got worse. An angry Harnek Singh abused his 40-year-old son Jagtar Singh alias Jaggi due to the malfunctioning of the music system. Not only this, he also slapped Jaggi in front of his children. Because of which Jaggi started feeling insulted. So he committed by hanging himself from the grill of the window.

Dada spread the rumor

After this, Jaggi’s daughter went to file a case against her grandfather. Jaggi’s daughter told that he committed after feeling insulted by his grandfather’s beating and before hanging himself, he said in front of the children that ‘It is better to die than this’. Saying this, Jaggi went to his room. Next morning when Jaggi’s daughter Jashanpreet Kaur went to the room, she saw that the father had hanged himself. After which Dada Harnek Singh spread a rumor among the people that his son had died of a heart attack.

Daughter disclosed father’s death

Jashanpreet Kaur, the daughter of the deceased, while registering a case with the police, said that her mother lives in Portugal and the grandfather told us that if anyone asks, then tell that Jaggi died of a heart attack. But when Jaggi’s wife got a call in the morning, the daughter told the whole thing to her mother. Then the mother asked to report it to the police. After which the daughter told the police that grandfather does farming work in UP. For some days he was coming and staying with them. Dada often used to fight and quarrel. Last night also grandfather was quarreling with father over the music system in a drunken state and slapped father in front of everyone. After which father said that it is better to die than this and committed suicide. Police registered a case on the basis of daughter Jashanpreet Kaur’s statement and took Harnek Singh into custody. At the same time, the police did the post-mortem of the dead body and handed it over to the relatives.

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