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The political future of party leaders will be decided on the target given by BJP, Murli bluntly in the executive meeting

Bhopal. BJP’s state in-charge Murlidhar Rao has bluntly told the party leaders and MLAs that the political future of the leaders will be decided only on the success and failure of the target given by the party. In the party’s state executive meeting, he said that leaders who do not migrate and are not active on social media, no, no, because this time we have to cross the figure of winning 200 seats in the assembly elections under any circumstances.

Target of winning 200 seats will be completed in two hundred days

Muralidhar Rao said that the target of winning 200 seats in 200 days has to be fulfilled. He said that the organization has prepared a 200-day action plan. All leaders including Ministers, MLAs have been included in the action plan. That’s why everyone will have to migrate. The leaders will be monitoring the work given to meet the target of 200 seats. He said that MLA, MP and BJP office bearers will have to reach every beneficiary.

Attendance will be registered online

BJP’s state in-charge Rao said that the attendance of every office bearer will be recorded online for the work assigned to him. The future of ministers, legislators and leaders will be decided only after the target given by the BJP is met. This time, to fulfill the target of crossing 200, from the central leadership of the state to all the leaders of the state will have to join in every situation.

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