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Railway is saving 10 lakh liters of water daily at RKMP and Bhopal station

By installing bio-toilets in 587 coaches on behalf of Bhopal Railway Division, RKMP and Bhopal station is saving one million liters of water spent for cleaning. Earlier this water was used to clean the dirt falling on the track in platform areas, but now the dirt does not reach the track, so the water spent on cleaning is being saved. DRM Saurabh Bandopadhyay says that the Railways is working specially towards maintaining cleanliness in platforms, tracks and trains. Under this, due to the installation of organic toilets in trains, along with increasing cleanliness, water conservation is also taking place.

Human waste ends up in the tank

Biological toilets built in trains are similar in appearance to ordinary toilets, but human waste is stored in a stainless steel tank instead of falling on the tracks. This tank contains bacteria. Their number doubles every eight hours, destroying human waste. After which the remaining dirt passes through different processes from six parts located in the tank. In the end, only water is left, which passes through the clominator box and is filtered by chlorine tablets and falls on the tracks. Due to this there is no dirt on the tracks.

Now toilets will be equipped with vacuum flushing system

At present, Railways is working towards further upgrading of biological toilets. Vacuum flushing system is being added to the organic toilet. In the new biological vacuum toilet, waste from the pan is cleaned with less water and a vacuum. This technology reduces the amount of water used at the time of flushing. Due to which water is saved.

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