MP GOVERNMENT: Relief to government employees, can get dearness allowance


MP GOVERNMENT: Relief to government employees, can get dearness allowance

MP GOVERNMENT:Bhopal. Government employees in Madhya Pradesh can get relief from dearness. It is estimated that by next week the dearness allowance of government employees can be increased by four percent. The employees who are getting the benefit of dearness allowance seem eager.

More than seven lakh regular officers and employees of the state can get great relief from this decision of the government. In this matter, the Finance Department had again sought permission from the Election Commission to increase the dearness allowance from 42 to 46 percent. The Finance Department had sent the proposal before voting.

the decision was taken

The central government is giving dearness allowance at the rate of 46 percent to its employees from July 2023. On which the Shivraj government had implemented and taken the decision. Before the elections, the government had given its final approval in this matter in the cabinet meeting.

On this decision of the government, the consent of the Election Commission as well as the neighboring state Chhattisgarh government is also mandatory for this. Shivraj government has taken this policy decision that when the dearness allowance of central employees will be increased by the central government. So in Madhya Pradesh, dearness allowance to state level employees will be increased at par with that of central employees. Under Section 49 of the State Reorganization Commission, it is also necessary to reach an agreement between the two states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in matters related to dearness allowance and pensioners. Employees will be able to get its benefits directly by next week.

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