MP ELECTION 2023: The credibility of veterans is at stake on a dozen seats including the MP of Satna-Sidhi, the challenge for BJP to save seats due to the changed political equation in Vindhya.


Mp election 2023: the credibility of veterans is at stake on a dozen seats including the mp of satna-sidhi, the challenge for bjp to save seats due to the changed political equation in vindhya. - news2news. In

MP ELECTION 2023: Straight. This time in Madhya Pradesh, due to the changed political and caste equation in 30 assembly seats of Vindhya region, the challenge for BJP to maintain its current position has increased. BJP had won 24 seats in the area in the last elections (2018). But this time it is having to struggle to save more than one-third of the seats. In many high-profile seats of the region, candidates of BSP, SP and AAP and rebels of BJP-Congress have confused many senior leaders. The political credibility of senior leaders like Satna MP Ganesh Singh and Sidhi MP Reeti Pathak, including Vis President Girish Gautam, MLA Divyaraj Singh, Nagendra Singh, Nilanshu Chaturvedi, former MLA Surendra Singh Gaharwar, Abhay Mishra and Yadvendra Singh is at stake. The discussion about the latest installment of Ladli Brahmin Yojana is in full swing in the villages of Rewa Satna, Sidhi and Singrauli districts.

What to do Bhai-garh “To save..!

In Chitrakoot, apart from BJP’s Surendra Singh Gaharwar and Congress MLA Nilanshu Chaturvedi, BSP’s Subhash Sharma Dholi and SP’s Sanjay Singh have made the contest a quadrangular contest. These are rebels of BJP-Congress. On Nagaud seat, Congress rebel and BSP candidate Yadvendra Singh has made the contest triangular between BJP’s Nagendra Singh and Congress’s Rashmi Singh Patel. Congress’s Kapidhwaj Singh is challenging BJP’s Nagendra Singh on Gudh seat, AAP candidate Prakhar Singh is also trying to make a dent in the support base.

Devtalab: Sengar’s tussle between uncle and nephew

In Devtalab, BJP has submitted its candidature to Assembly Speaker Girish Gautam, while his nephew Padmesh Gautam is contesting from the Congress side. Here SP candidate Jaiveer Singh Sengar has made the contest triangular. On Sigrauli seat, BJP rebel Chandrapratap Vishwakarma has made the contest interesting by riding on the shoulders of BSP. Former mayor Renu Shah is in the fray from Congress and Ramniwas Shah from BJP. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has visited the area twice.

Divyaraj Singh of Rewa royal family is also trapped in a triangular conflict on Sirmaur seat. Here former Congress MLA Ramgarib Kaul is there while BSP’s former police officer BD Pandey has spoiled the political and caste equation. On the other hand, in Semaria, Congress has fielded Abhay Mishra, who has switched parties several times, against BJP’s KP Tripathi.

New society of ‘beneficiaries’!

Apart from the traditional castes, a new ‘beneficiary’ community of voters has emerged in every assembly seat in this election. Along with BJP, candidates from other parties are also trying to woo this class. Their number is in thousands on every seat.

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Senior journalist of Rewa Jairam Shukla says that this time new equations will be created in the elections in Vindhya. BJP is not facing a situation like 2018. The rebels are causing harm to both the parties. Voters are also not in a state of confusion.

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