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Deadlock between transport department and bus operators over installation of panic buttons in passenger buses in MP, accused of charging Rs 15,000 instead of Rs 4,000

Deadlock between transport department and bus operators over installation of panic buttons in passenger buses in mp, accused of charging rs 15,000 instead of rs 4,000 - news2news. In

Madhya Pradesh Transport Department had issued a rule to install panic buttons (VLT equipment) in buses, especially passenger and school buses. The department has empaneled 10 companies for this. Within a few days, 5 more companies will be empaneled. So far these companies have given a rate of about 8 thousand rupees. But the passenger vehicle owners allege that Rs 15,000 is being charged in the RTO offices of all 52 districts, while its market value is only Rs 4,000. The deadlock between the vehicle owners and the department has increased regarding this.

Principal Secretary of Transport Department Faiz Ahmed Kidwai had earlier issued a letter to the Transport Commissioner on October 28 and later on November 1, making it clear that panic buttons should be installed in all such buses under any circumstances. Mentioning the difficulties faced by the passenger bus operators in the order of November 1, he had asked to get it resolved at any cost. But the bus owners allege that the panic button which is available in the market for Rs 4,000, is being charged Rs 15,000 in the RTO office, which is completely wrong. This should be curbed immediately. In the past, the Bus Operators Association had also taken objection regarding this. The operators had told the problem after meeting the Principal Secretary. After this, the Principal Secretary issued a letter to the Transport Commissioner asking him to solve the problem.

Panic button to be installed every two meters in the bus

For the convenience of the passengers, a Panit button has to be installed at every two meters in the bus. After the installation of the panic button, any passenger in any adverse situation can seek help by pressing the panic button. Keeping in view the safety of women and schoolgirls, this panic button has been made mandatory. A delegation of school bus operators also met the Chief Secretary regarding this. He has asked for 4 months’ extension. It has been said for them that if the fitness certificate of the buses is renewed by undertaking to install VLT equipment in 4 months, then all the vehicles will be fitted with the equipment during this period.

How much will it cost to install panic buttons in buses?

A total of 10 companies have been empaneled so far. 5 more companies will be empaneled. According to the rate so far, no one’s price is more than 8 thousand rupees. There will be a device and two inbuilt sims in it. While BSNL will charge Rs 2400 for 24 months at Rs 100 per month and Rs 2800 including GST and Airtel’s Rs 2800 bill will be taken in one go. Live location of the related bus will be available. Apart from this, there is also some cost of fitting. But more will not be charged.


Action will be taken if someone takes more money than MRP-

Deputy Transport Commissioner of Transport Department Dilip Singh Tomar said that he has been given the responsibility of panic buttons across the state. They are continuously monitoring it. Strict action will be taken against anyone who charges more than the prescribed MRP for VLT equipment. If he finds the complaints of such companies correct, action will be taken by blacklisting them.


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