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Thursday, January 19, 2023

American institute will jointly research on depression in AIIMS

Bhopal. Keeping in view the increasing cases of depression in the country and the world, three institutes will jointly research on this. These include US National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), AIIMS Bhopal and National Health Mission MP. The research was funded by NIMH. A meeting was organized in this regard on Thursday under the chairmanship of Dr. Ajay Singh, Director of AIIMS Bhopal. Genome sequencing of the patients included in this study will also be done. Research will also be done about the methods of treatment, counseling of the patient. It will also be found out that in the changing scenario, what are the new reasons for the development of depression within humans. AIIMS psychiatrists present in the meeting told that depression is such a mental disorder, due to which five percent of the population is always affected. If it is not treated on time, then the efficiency of the person gets greatly affected. Some people even go as far as taking their own lives. Depression can be cured through certain medicines and therapies.

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