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With the efforts of social organization, Muktidham took the form of a park, the greenery of Muktidham attracts people.

Green covered with trees and plants in Muktidham.

Green covered with trees and plants in Muktidham.

Loharu (Charkhi Dadri):Who says there can’t be a hole in the sky, at least throw a stone with your heart. Yes, these lines come true on Muktidham, which was built near the Loharu railway line. When a person’s life is over and his last journey reaches the Land of Liberation and there is no facility there, this thing hurts the spirit of some young people. Loharu’s social organization Prayas Ek Pryash recognized this generation and took responsibility for reforms and arrangements in Muktidham. In June 2016, the organization pledged to plant seedlings in Muktidham with the help of enthusiastic friends. Thus began the wonderful developmental journey of Muktidham. Muktidham Vikas Samiti was established for the development of Muktidham with the help of citizens and dignitaries and the efforts of the Prayas Ek Prayas organization began to bear fruit.

Peace can be found in the green of 400 plants

There are currently about 400 green plants in Muktidham, while a solar power system has been installed to provide electricity. A hole was drilled here for the water supply and a water cooler for drinking water was also installed. In addition, there are provisions for the cremation of girls in Muktidham and a Warden has also been serving in Muktidham for 6 years. Seeing the green view of Muktidham as a park, people come here in the morning and evening to spend two peaceful moments. Chairs were also provided at Muktidham to sit on, and platforms were also built to arrange food and water for the birds. In the mornings and evenings, the chirping of the birds makes the view here worth seeing. A separate classification has been made for the last rites of children at Muktidham, and there are plans to paint the border wall here in the future. Sheds were also installed by the Bhamashahs in Muktidham. Chowkidar Omprakash said that besides regularly tending and watering trees and plants in Muktidham, he also takes responsibility for their care, which brings him mental and spiritual satisfaction.

Thanks to the efforts of the organization, the tourist resort got

It would not be wrong to say that all these efforts are the efforts of an organization because of which awareness was raised among the people and they worked day and night to develop this Muktidham and make it a tourist destination. The large park and flowering plants in Muktidham also add to the beauty of the place. It should be noted that with the help of city social organizations and many Bhamashahs in Muktidham, one million worth of development work has been done so far and the process of improving the system is still ongoing. The patron of the organization Maan Pawan Swami said that the last journey after death ends with the arrival in Muktidham, but when there is an opportunity to spend a few moments of life in peace in the same Muktidham, then it is a pleasant feeling. He had taken the initiative to plant seedlings for the elevation and formation of Muktidham, which has now taken concrete form, and everyone’s cooperation has been accepted.

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