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The Sarathi portal is proving to be effective, the drivers are getting help and availing benefits while sitting at home

DC Ashok Kumar Garg.

DC Ashok Kumar Garg.

News2News.in News. Repetition:In order to provide better facilities to the common people, the state government has established Aadhaar Best Faceless Services by strengthening the information and technology system. 22 kinds of services are provided through Vahan and Sarathi portal. DC Ashok Kumar Garg said that citizens do not have to go to any office after applying for these services through the Vahan and Sarathi portal. You don’t even have to submit any documents. All services on these two portals are in faceless mode. He said that any citizen can apply for these services by visiting the relevant portal through their computer or mobile phone. It is very easy to apply on this portal. After the application, the applicant can also view the status of his application.

Services available on the vehicle portal

The DC said that in order to apply on the vehicle portal, the applicant must click Vehicle Point Transport Point Gov Point Inoblique Vehicle Service. Continuation of the mortgage, transfer of ownership, lease-purchase agreement, application for temporary registration of the motor vehicle, update of the registered mobile phone number for transport services, application for temporary permission, issuance of a duplicate certificate of suitability, addresses on this portal changes in, duplicate registration certificate, issuance of a new permit, issuance of a dual permit, registration certificate details and permit renewal.

efficient charioteer for these services

To apply on the Saarthi portal, the applicant must click on saarthi dot transport dot gov dot inoblique saarthi service. Issuance of duplicate driver’s license, replacement of driver’s license, change of address in driver’s license, provision for driver’s license revocation, issuance of international driver’s license, permit to drive hazardous materials, permit to drive in hilly area, license on this portal facilities such as vehicle class abandonment and renewal of the driver’s license without a driver’s license test are possible.

Rewari. DC Ashok Kumar Garg.

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