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The BJP minister hit a limit in JJP’s place, ended the dharna that lasted two and a half months

The bjp minister hit a limit in jjp's place, ended the dharna that lasted two and a half months - news2news. In

Agriculture Minister arrived on Friday to end the strike

Agriculture Minister JP Dalal arrived on Friday to end the strike

Sandeep Sheoran: Badhda (Charkhi Dadri)

The affair of the municipality of Badhda, which has been going on for two and a half months, has now calmed down somewhat. However, it has not yet been decided whether the congregation will remain in Badhda or whether the Gram Panchayat will be restored. But the way JP Dalal came to JJP’s stronghold and satisfied the protesting villagers with his assurance and ended the protest, many political meanings are extracted from it. Despite being a JJP MLA in Badhda, the JJP leaders kept a constant distance to the Dharna, and not only that, although they reached Kakadoli Sardara twice, the villagers didn’t like that Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala didn’t reach the protest site. Finally, after a long wait by the villagers, Minister of Agriculture JJP Dalal suddenly reached out among the villagers and fixed the timing for holding a referendum on the municipality. The villagers seemed so content that they not only ended the picket line but also the picket line. For two and a half months the slogans of the government were raised and on the same dharna the slogans of JP Dalal Zindabad began to reverberate. After that, all that can be heard from the mouths of the people in the area is that JP Dalal hit a four on the spot.

It is noteworthy that villagers of Hansawas Khurd and Badhra villages had started a sit-in on September 8 to return Gram Panchayat status to Badhda municipality. People linked to political parties had begun gathering at the protest site since the strike began. Meanwhile, major leaders from almost all parties had reached the Dharna site, but no major leaders or officials other than the District President of the Jannayak Janata Party reached the Dharna. Despite being the MLA of Badhda, JJP’s Naina Chautala didn’t even listen to the people when she reached the Dharna. On the other hand, Deputy CM Dushyant had also twice reached the village of Kakadoli, only a few kilometers from the picket, but during that time he felt it right to drive through Hadaudi through the connecting road instead of through Badhda. Because of this, the villagers saw him in particular anger, and the villagers expressed their anger by shouting slogans at him. After that, Minister JP Dalal, who took the initiative to solve the community problem, scheduled a referendum for December 2nd.

JP Dalal came suddenly

Last Thursday, the villagers were informed that Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala would drive to Narnaul via Badhda and listen to them after they reached their dharna. But later they had driven through Hadaudi, after which much anger was seen among the strikers. MP CM’s second exit on the connecting road in this way was the subject of much discussion. According to sources, the Agriculture Minister did not have a program in Badhda on Friday and he had to go to Rohtak after attending a program in Bhiwani but to capitalize on the anger leveled at Deputy CM, the Minister of Agriculture, arrived in Badhda and held a sit-in

These great leaders had attained the Dharna

Chaudhary Omprakash Chautala, Former Prime Minister of , Kiran Chaudhary, Former Minister and Senior Congress Chairman, Chaudhary Dharambir Singh, MP of Bhiwani Mahendragarh, Sukhwinder Mandhi, President of State Kisan Morcha, Sukhwinder Mandhi, MP Rajya Sabha of Delhi, and Aam Aadmi Party at a dharna in front of the SDM office in Badhda Dr. Sushil Gupta, Secretary of State, Former Parliamentary Secretary Ransingh Mann, etc. had attained the Dharna. But till now they could not solve the problem in any way but now Minister of Agriculture has pledged to solve the problem by referendum which will be decided by referendum on December 2nd along the lines of Badli Municipality will stay in Badhda and Hansawas Khurd or Gram Panchayat are restored.

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