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Terror by cyber thugs in Sonipat: Hundreds of thousands of rupees worth of cash were withdrawn from the accounts of an accountant including two youths



The terror of the cyber thugs in Sonipat district does not take his name. Cases of thousands of rupees worth of cash being scammed from the accounts of accountants including two youths have come to light from various sources. The victims lodged a complaint with the police. The police have registered a case in this regard among different sections. The police are seriously investigating the matter. Investigating the Cyber ​​Cell case, it was discovered that cyber scams originated from Kerala. The police are seriously investigating the matter.

Vijay Bhardwaj, a Mapsco City resident, said he is an accountant at L-One’s liquor warehouse. A young man called on his mobile to inform about the Rs 15 lakh prize draw. He had said that you are free to get said lottery money in cash or take a car at that price. Vijay Bhardwaj fell into his trap and sent a request to transfer Rs 15 lakhs to his cash account. At the same time, the necessary information and identification documents were sent to the account. Then the next day a call came from another number asking to deposit GST and taxes before sending the lottery amount of Rs 15 lakh. They have fraudulently deposited Rs 2.2 lakh into their accounts. After that the accountant asked him to send Rs 15 lakh then he started threatening. Sanjay Madhav Dhule and Ayush Kumar are said to be residents of Kerala. The police have registered a case in this regard.

One lakh eight thousand cash withdrawn from the farmer’s account

At the same time, the second cyber fraud incident also happened only in the area of ​​Sector 27 Police Station. Vikas Kumar, a resident of Rathdhana, said he was a farmer. His bank account is at Canara Bank in Sector 14. His cell phone was hacked by someone on January 23rd. It was five minutes before he started the phone again. Meanwhile, cyber thugs executed three transactions from his account. Cyber ​​thugs transferred one lakh eight thousand rupees from his account three times. The police registered a case.

Complaints about cyber fraud have been received from various sources. The help of the cyber cell is called upon. The upcoming action will be implemented as quickly as possible after the racquets have been uncovered. Sandeep Hooda, Sector 27 Police Station Associate.

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