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Started a blood donation initiative, cleared up misunderstandings and motivated people in more than 300 villages to donate blood

Narnaul DC Dr. Jaykrishna Abhir.

Narnaul DC Dr. Jaykrishna Abhir.

News2News.in News, Narnaul: As part of the blood donation initiative launched jointly by the district administration and the Red Cross, social organizations set an example and carried the blood donation campaign to more than 300 villages in the district in just one year. On the other hand, until two years ago, when the blood shortage was seen in the blood fund, the blood fund comes year-round because of the concerted effort being made today. Because of this, the blood bank is full of blood today and more than 500 blood donors are lined up to donate blood in February and March. This only became possible when the Red Cross Society team’s efforts eliminated the misunderstandings that were widespread in the field of blood donation and motivated young people to donate blood.

In providing this information, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Jaikrishna Abhir that in the field of blood donation in Mahendragarh district a unique initiative has been started under which the district administration united social organizations, religious organizations and social workers under one roof Organizations Red Cross In association with the Society and Life Member of Mission Mahendragarh Apna Jal Red Cross Society and social workers an initiative has been taken to make the common people aware of blood donation due to which there is no shortage of blood in the government blood donation district of Mahendragarh today. . He said hundreds of young blood donors from the district are saving people’s lives by donating their blood even after visiting other hospitals like Gurugram, Jaipur and Kotputli. This is the greatest ministry that saves lives. At the same time, the person who donates blood also becomes happy.

The deputy commissioner said that the Red Cross Society will computerize the list of blood donors and the list of social organizations, and that a program will also be established to honor blood donors and blood donation camps from time to time. He said that blood collection and blood donors no longer need to go to remote areas for blood in the district, this service will be available under one roof. He told that a special room for blood donations was created in the Red Cross Society, in which a modern chair was installed. This room is made available to all blood donation facilities free of charge. He said that there should not be a lack of blood in the district. In order to keep up with the social organizations, Shyam Sundar, the secretary of the Red Cross Society, has been put in charge of bringing blood donation services to every village in the district along with the head of the blood fund and the civil surgeon.

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