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RERA court sentences ILD builder to 60 days for contempt

Rera court sentences ild builder to 60 days for contempt - news2news. In

Chandigarh. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), Gurugram, on Thursday sent ILD construction manager Salman Akbar to Bhondsi prison and sentenced him to 60 days in prison. Rajendra Kumar, Assistant Officer (AO), RERA, Gurugram, in the case of Garima Gupta vs. ILD Millennium Pvt. The complainant, Garima Gupta, had booked a unit at ILD Spire Greens, Sector 37 in January 2013 by executing an agreement and the promoter was due to transfer ownership in July 2016 but failed to allocate the same to the allocatee, Garima handed over to Gupta. The grantee filed a complaint with the RERA court in November 2018, accusing the promoter of delaying the transfer of ownership of the unit and overcharging the super area. A late fee is also required.

ILD Millennium Pvt Ltd was ruled against ILD Millennium Pvt Ltd by an Order of Authority/AO in Appellant No. 1941 of 2018 in the case of Garima Gupta, ordering the holder of the Order to pay an amount of Rs. 2730376 dated February 8 , 2019. The decision has been made. The directors of the judgment debtor were asked by the office of the AO to draw up an inventory of their assets and to submit an affidavit with the details of their assets in order to comply with the injunction. But despite being given the opportunity, he didn’t respond. Therefore, the Authority issued an order in favor of the aggrieved allocatee, ordering the defendant promoter to pay interest for each month of delay on the amount paid by the complainant until the delivery of actual ownership of the unit after receipt of the OC on November 12, 2020.requested. Later in December 2021, the Complainant filed a motion in the Adjudicating Officer’s Court for enforcement of the RERA Court’s order, which the Promoter failed to comply with. Therefore, the RERA court convicted the ILD of contempt.

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