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Had to take a test drive, the young man escaped by car by pushing the driver

Young man caught by video surveillance being shown the car by the salesman.

Young man caught by video surveillance being shown the car by the salesman.

News2News.in News. Hansi. A young man who came to buy a car fled the car under the pretense of a test drive. The case concerns Gandhi Market, where a young man entered an auto repair shop on the pretext of buying a car. The young man asked the shopkeeper to take the vehicle for a test drive and, after pushing the driver who had accompanied him during the test drive off the vehicle, ran away with the vehicle. The shop owner has lodged a complaint with the police. The police are looking for the accused.

Car garage owner Veerbhan Malhotra said that a young man from Rakhi Khas village came to his garage around 12 noon and said that he had to buy a car. He showed the young man the car and he took the car for a test drive. Driver Manglu was also in the vehicle during the test drive. Near the Gyananand Mission on Hisar Road, the young man pushed the driver Manglu who was in the car, pushed him out of the car and fled by car towards Hisar. When the car was chased, it was revealed that he had fled and also broken the Ramayana toll. He informed the police about it. Police searched CCTV footage installed in the car garage, which captured the entire incident. Garage owner Virbhan Malhotra said that earlier the youth bought the bike and took it with him. The police are investigating using surveillance cameras.

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