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Gift to Haryana: IIT Delhi expansion campus will be opened here in the state, special courses and training programs will be launched

Gift to haryana: iit delhi expansion campus will be opened here in the state, special courses and training programs will be launched - news2news. In

CM Manohar Lal at a meeting in Bhavan (Delhi)

CM Manohar Lal at a meeting in Bhavan (Delhi)

Chandigarh. An expansion center of IIT Delhi will be built on approximately 50 acres of land in Badsa Village, Jhajjar District, . Regarding the establishment of this center, Chief Minister Manohar Lal held a meeting with IIT Delhi officials at Bhawan in Delhi on Sunday. Chief Secretary of Prime Minister V Umashankar, Chief Secretary of Technical Education and Higher Education Vijender Kumar, Director General Rajeev Rattan, besides Director of IIT Delhi Professor Rangan Banerjee and Dean and other professors were present at the meeting.

At the meeting, the Prime Minister approved the establishment of the IIT Delhi Advisory Center in Badsa Village and assured the IIT Delhi team that the Haryana government would fully cooperate with them on the matter. He said that new health technologies are being developed by integrating the data of patients coming from the National Cancer Institute in Badsa and the technology of Health Sciences IIT Delhi. Both patients and players benefit from this. Besides MSc, PhD, various types of certificate courses are also conducted on this campus. These special courses and training programs will qualify the youth and also create different types of employment opportunities for the local youth.

The Prime Minister said that this campus would become India’s first center for precision medicine, ie developing medicine by researching what kind of medicine a particular patient needs. For this purpose, biotechnical solutions are found after the medical experts have determined the patient’s needs. This will benefit our pharmaceutical companies which can develop new medicines for cancer patients suitable for the treatment of our patients based on the research of medical experts from National Cancer Institute and technical experts from IIT Delhi. It was said at the meeting that the upcoming cancer drugs will be manufactured under local conditions based on research abroad.

The Chief Minister also said that technology for better performance in sports and injury prevention would also be developed at this campus to help players perform better. He said that Haryana’s players have already performed well at national and international level and if they get technical help, they could do even better. This technology will prove very useful for our Paralympic players. The premier suggested that the technology and research developed for the athletes should be developed in coordination with the Rai University of Sports (Sonipat) so that the athletes can get the maximum benefits.

In addition, techniques for treating cancer patients using medical imaging and artificial intelligence are being developed at this campus, so that the site of origin of cancerous tissue can be recognized and after that, the entire organ in the body can be removed from cancer. There is no need to. Apart from that, with the help of the technical experts from IIT Delhi, the campus work continues to find new technologies that are needed from time to time. For example, dental implants, hip protectors for the elderly, knee joint prostheses, etc. At the meeting, Professor Rangan Banerjee, Director of IIT Delhi, was informed that the construction of the campus, the academic programs and the development of research and design facilities focused on patients of the National Cancer Institute will last about 3 years. R&D setup, start-up, expansion works for other diseases, etc. in this center may take 3 to 5 years. Research for sports injuries and precision medicine is likely to take more than 5 years.

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