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Former CM Bhupendra Hooda supported the sugarcane farmers and said the government should increase the sugarcane rate immediately

Opposition leader Bhupinder Hooda

Opposition leader Bhupinder Hooda

The demands of the farmers, who are agitating for an increase in the price of sugar cane, are entirely justified. The government should raise the rate immediately. This applies to former Prime Minister and opposition leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda. A delegation of farmers reported on Wednesday for a meeting with Hooda. He said Congress stands firm in any peasant struggle. The demand of the sugar cane farmers was also raised by the party in the assembly. Because the sugar cane season is coming to an end. But so far the government has not increased the rate by a single penny.

Citing figures, Hooda said there has been almost no increase in sugar cane rate during the eight and a half years of the BJP and BJP-JJP administrations. This is because the state’s congressional government increased the price of sugar cane from Rs 117 to Rs 310, raising the record for 9.5 years. That is, during the term of Congress, there was a 165% increase in sugar cane rate. But BJP is up just 17% in 8.5 years. Congress used to increase this amount every year. The surprising thing is that this year the government has not increased the sugar cane rate by a single paise. Because of these government excesses, the peasants have to repeatedly agitate in the streets.

On the other hand, Hooda also supported the sarpanchs’ agitation against electronic bidding, saying that the government is destroying the democratic system by depriving elected sarpanchs of the right to do village development work. The electronic bidding system is a means to deprive the village of development and centralization of corruption. Nobody accepts the government’s statement that e-procurement will reduce corruption. Corruption in municipal corporations, municipalities, B&R, mining, etc. and all government departments is currently at its peak. The BJP-JJP government, itself mired in corruption from head to toe, should reform first and then advise the sarpanchs.

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