Fatehabad: The issue of corruption tender reaches Vij Darbar


Fatehabad: The issue of corruption tender reaches Vij Darbar

Paprika Park’s main gate, which is scheduled to be demolished and a new one built.

Paprika Park’s main gate, which will be demolished and a new one built.

Fatehabad: The matter of cancellation of tender worth around Rs 4 crore issued by the municipal council in the name of reconstruction of Fountain Chowk and Papiha Park Gate dividers, which were in good condition in the city, reached the State Home Minister Anil Vij. The city’s social organizations described these tenders as a misuse of public funds and called for them to be repealed. Since the Home Secretary came to know about this, he sent a letter to DC requesting a report in this regard. We would like to inform you that Municipal Council Chairman Rajendra Khichi had also expressed objection to these tenders and directed the municipal council officials to cancel these tenders.

Some time ago, thousands of saplings were planted on the GT road divider by the city’s social organizations. Next year these plants will reach their full potential. After so many years, their maintenance is being carried out by the B&R department along with the still abandoned partitions of Bhuna Road. Vinod Arora, head of social organization City Welfare Club, said that these partitions were recently painted after spending hundreds of rupees on them. This divider is in perfect condition. If these are broken, two thousand plants planted on them will also be destroyed. In such a situation, there is no justification for breaking these dividing lines. On the other hand, the municipal council also wants to dismantle and reinstall the grilles on these partitions and has issued a tender worth Rs 2.50 crore for the same. Social organizations also describe this as misuse of public funds.

Furthermore, the municipal council has issued a tender of Rs 50 lakh to demolish the Papiha Park gate and build a new one, although this gate is also in good condition. Social organizations had expressed their protest by cleaning the gate of Papiha Park. The organizations say millions of rupees of the public should not be wasted in this way. In this regard, the social organizations sent a letter to the Prime Minister demanding the cancellation of the tender. At the same time, this letter of demand was also sent to Fatehabad Deputy Commissioner, Municipal Council President, Citizen Minister and Home Minister Anil Vij. According to Vinod Arora, this letter has now been sent to DC by Home Minister Anil Vij for further action.

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