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Employees who do outstanding and meritorious work in public authorities will be honored, apply by November 30th, the first winner will receive…

Employees who do outstanding and meritorious work in public authorities will be honored, apply by november 30th, the first winner will receive... - news2news. In

Deputy Commissioner Dr. JK Abhir.

Deputy Commissioner Dr. JK Abhir.

Narnaul. To encourage the staff who do excellent and exemplary work in the departments, the state government created the Good Governance Awards Scheme. The main objective of this program is to encourage loyal employees and promote good corporate governance. The first national level winner will receive a cash prize of Rs 51,000. Upon receiving this information, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Jaikrishna Abhir that the aim of this program is to reward those employees who promote good governance in the state through their personal innovations and special efforts. These employees will be honored on December 25th on the occasion of Good Governance Day. Officials and employees have to apply online for this.

The DC said interested officers, employees or teams of employees who have done notable and innovative work in the fields of , infrastructure and social affairs or in government leadership programs can send their applications to their department head and their organization. The head of department reviews the application and then forwards it with his or her recommendations to the responsible administrative secretaries. The administrative secretariat will upload the application to the portal by November 30th. The portal will be closed after November 30th. The DC informed that the username and password will be emailed to each administrative secretary. Nominations received on time are selected, viewed and evaluated by external specialist institutions. The final decision will be made by the Empowered Committee with the approval of the Chief Minister. The DC said that under the , all staff of Groups A, B, C and D and all departments, boards, corporations, statutory bodies, missions, societies, institutes, universities and public sectors have done remarkable work in good governance Award Scheme Employees working in PSUs etc. under the outsourcing policy are eligible to apply.

First prize 51,000 rupees

Deputy Commissioner Dr. Jaykrishna Abhir said that the Good Governance Awards are presented at two levels. One award at the state level and another at the district level. At the national level awards, the winning team of individual staff or employees will receive the first prize of Rs.51,000 in cash, the second prize of Rs.31,000 and the third prize of Rs.21,000. Similarly, at the district level awards, the first prize of Rs. 31,000 in cash, the second prize of Rs. 21,000 and the third prize of Rs. 11,000 will be awarded. In addition to the cash prize, these awards also include a trophy and a certificate of appreciation signed by the Prime Minister. The entry is also made in the employee’s service book. According to the program, a maximum of 10 awards will be given at the state level. Two prizes will be awarded for first place, three prizes for second place, and five prizes for third place. Likewise, three prizes are awarded in each district for all three ranks at the district level.

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